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Salesforce Delivers New Financial Services Solution to Help Wealth Managers Grow Client Relationships

Customers today expect seamless, personalized experiences everywhere—whether they’re ordering groceries or booking a car to the airport. The same is true in their interactions with financial services institutions, and wealth managers are acutely aware they need to provide more personalized advice through modern channels to be successful. In fact, 70 percent of consumers expect technology to improve their relationships with financial institutions by 20201. However, every client has different goals. One is saving for a dream home, another is sending a kid to college while a third is planning to open a small business. The problem is, many advisors lack the ability to track these client goals, and even if they can, they are often unable to provide the proactive and personalized advice needed to grow the relationship based on a reliance on outdated and siloed technology.

That’s why Salesforce is excited to announce today we’ve integrated Financial Services Cloud with leading wealth management technology partners via the Salesforce AppExchange to provide a single pane of glass that enables advisors to deliver personalized advice at scale across any channel and any device. Watch the video below to see how it works:

This solution provides advisors with an additional engagement layer, allowing them to:

  • Aggregate data, like financial accounts, goals, relationships, life events and more into a 360-degree view of every client and household. For example, is the client expecting a baby or did they just received an inheritance? Financial Services Cloud allows advisors providers to map each individual client need to help them provide more relevant and personalized advice.
  • Transform client data into actionable insights so wealth managers can proactively anticipate client needs and surprise them with personalized recommendations. And, with Salesforce Einstein, advisors can save time with recommended next steps that make it easy to transform a slow opportunity into one that is boosting with potential.
  • Deepen and grow their book of business with visual relationship mapping, surfacing the relationship networks that matter most to clients, helping earn loyalty from one generation to the next with seamless advising experiences.

We enable this through powerful Financial Services Cloud integrations with leading wealth management partners via the AppExchange, so advisors can spend less time gathering client data and more time doing what they do best: growing client relationships.

  • Addepar provides powerful data aggregation, analytics and flexible reporting so wealth advisors can gain a holistic view of complex portfolios and quickly answer common client questions.
  • Hearsay empowers advisors to efficiently grow their book of business through compliant social media posting and by leveraging data-driven social insights.
  • Orion provides financial advisors with portfolio management technology, back-office operations support and client experience capabilities.
  • Quovo will integrate directly into Financial Services Cloud to provide account connectivity, aggregation and insights, enabling financial advisors to have a holistic view of client finances and deliver more informed advice.
  • Skience supports client onboarding, new account opening, aggregation and workflow of investment data across multiple product lines, including custodians and clearing firms, mutual funds, insurance carriers and third party transfer agencies.
  • Tamarac is a comprehensive portfolio management platform that allows advisors to easily onboard and track client, household and extended relationship networks, helping provide more personalized service and grow their business with greater efficiency.

Sequoia Financial Group—an award-winning wealth management firm that serves private, institutional and corporate clients in the Midwest and Southern U.S.— is one of our customer Trailblazers using this solution in Financial Services Cloud to connect with customers in smarter ways. They are leveraging the solution to manage multiple clients and households across private, institutional and corporate customers.

We built Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to empower advisors to meet the needs of today’s smart investor—and, at the same time, grow their books of business. Built on the world’s #1 CRM platform, Financial Services Cloud enables wealth management institutions to bring together disparate lines of business, geographies, and channels to put customers at the center of every interaction. With this new solution, advisors are able to deliver the personalized and tailored advice that their customers crave today, helping to grow their business while delighting their clients. Learn more here.

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