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Digital Transformation

Salesforce Event Highlights Industry Transformation in a Digital First World

On Wednesday, Salesforce leaders Lynne Zaledonis, Bret Taylor, and Jujhar Singh hosted the Salesforce Industries Summit virtual event, joined by customers including Penn State Health and NBC Universal to spotlight the acceleration of digital initiatives across industries, and the growing impact that industry clouds are having. 

In conjunction with the event, Salesforce announced new innovations to power digital transformation for industries: 

  • New corporate and investment banking features for Financial Services Cloud. Tailored technology integrated into Financial Services Cloud enables the industry’s transition to digital-first, helping deals get done from anywhere.
  • New innovations across Salesforce’s industry cloud portfolio provide custom-built solutions for industry sub-verticals, including corporate and investment banking and health insurance. 
  • Einstein Relationship Insights, a new AI-powered research tool that autonomously explores external and internal data sources to discover relationships between customers, prospects, and companies.

Watch the Industries Summit event replay video here:

Read on for some highlights from the Industries Summit event:

“You’re seeing how trailblazing companies are really leading industries into this all- digital, work from anywhere world. One of the relationships I really enjoyed developing this year is with the Royal Bank of Canada. They’ve rethought their entire client onboarding experience to be completely digital…  If the banking industry can onboard new clients now in just 24 minutes, that’s a step change improvement from where they were before.” – Bret Taylor, Salesforce President and COO

Einstein Relationship Insights at work: Automatically scans news articles to identify and highlight key people and companies. This provides salespeople with real-time relationship insights and a map of relevant connections, directly on the page.

“I’m very excited to announce Industry Success from Anywhere, which helps our customers reimagine how their industries work in a digital-first world. These innovations will help make it easier for our customers in every industry to succeed, whether they are working at home, in the office or out in the field.” – Jujhar Singh, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Salesforce Industries

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“People everywhere are looking at how to accelerate transformation at their companies and redefine how their industries work to get industry success, from anywhere. We can talk about technology and insights, but it’s also about you, the people driving this change. That’s a huge part of our Success From Anywhere reimagination. It doesn’t happen without the changes we make in ourselves.” – Lynne Zaledonis, Executive Vice President, Industry Marketing, Salesforce


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