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Awards and Recognition

Salesforce Featured in New CBS Television Series Showcasing American Design

America By Design

Quick take: ‘America by Design’ highlights Justin Maguire and Nalini P. Kotamraju of the Salesforce Design team in the new television series that showcases American innovation, ingenuity, and design.

Why it’s important: As designers around the country work to showcase, learn and create the future of design, Salesforce helps guide them with its unique, relationship-first approach to UX.

What they’re saying:

  • “At Salesforce, one of our missions is to help make the complex things simple but keep the joy in it.” – Justin Maguire, Chief Design Officer, Salesforce
  • “Design should be accessible, it should be understandable, it can still have magic but we really want to get people to know design.“ – Carey Bond, Host, America by Design

Go deeper: Relationship Design is the next evolution of design that meets the changing needs of business and expectation of consumers. Visit America by Design and the new Salesforce Experience Designer Certification to learn how Relationship Design can create ethical, equitable and sustainable business solutions.


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