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Digital Transformation

Salesforce Expands New Automation Product Suite to Help Industries Boost Productivity and Efficiency, and Get in the Flow

Today, Salesforce announced Flow for Industries, an expansion of the Flow product suite that uses automation to empower financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing organizations with low-code tools. 

The expansion of this suite to include products in select Industry Cloud base licenses allows for tailor-made automation solutions at no additional cost. Salesforce Flow enables businesses to complete more tasks with fewer resources, boost efficiency, and deliver better customer experiences, at scale. 

Why it’s relevant: Across every industry, companies face uncertain economic times with inflation, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages. Any new efficiency helps. So when industry-specific automation can replace tedious, manual tasks, business leaders take notice. 

Use clicks to create sophisticated decision tables against customer inputs.


Innovation in action: With Flow for Industries, organizations can leverage Salesforce’s Flow automation suite with tools purpose-built for complex industry workflows, and create intelligent process automations unique to their specific industry. These new tools help customers:

  • Create better customer and employee experiences: OmniStudio enables organizations to build branded, dynamic customer interactions and employee workflows fast. Flow easily connects them with enterprise data and applications, without code.
  • Easily manage rules and actions: Business Rules Engine allows organizations to simplify and automate processes such as pricing discounts, care management, or financial planning with declarative setup, management, and evaluation of rules. Using a no-code interface, organizations are empowered to build, test, and execute rules before they are integrated.
  • Save time and resources: Document Generation gives organizations the ability to automatically generate and share documents using a no-code template designer, while Intelligent Form Reader uses optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically read and extract document data, unifying the end-to-end management process, and freeing up time for higher-value work. 
  • Simplify data management: Data Processing Engine helps organizations create definitions to transform data across multiple sources then surface that to customers within a workflow.
Build guided interactions that dynamically display information from multiple data sources in pixel-perfect components.

The Salesforce perspective: “Salesforce’s Flow for Industries drives digital transformation for our Industry customers through automations that reflect the unique needs of their business to help drive business value today and in the future. With Flow, Salesforce’s customers have already saved more than 109 billion hours every month, generating $2 trillion dollars in business value,” said Jujhar Singh, EVP and GM of Salesforce Industries.

Reaction to the news: “Our number one priority is to deliver world-class wealth management services. For us, this meant we needed to enhance our client and advisor experiences by moving away from inefficient and manual processes. To prepare for client meetings, advisors had to reference up to 26 different systems. It would take 3–4 hours to prepare for the meeting. Now, all the information advisors need is right there at the click of a button,” said Greg Beltzer, Head of Technology, RBC Wealth Management.

Industry automation use cases

  • With Flow for Industries, financial advisors can use clicks to design guided interactions to deliver more personalized service to high-value clients. 
  • Brokers can drive straight-through processing of digital applications by automating repetitive data entry and delivering guided interactions. 
  • Healthcare providers can improve the patient experience by automating referral processes and billing management to get patients the care they need fast. 
  • Supply chain managers can unify data and integrate disparate legacy systems to streamline order fulfillment and vendor management. 

Fast facts:

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