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Honeywell Unlocks $11 Million Worth of Technician Productivity Per Year, 150 Measured Tons of Saved Carbon Usage with Salesforce

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Honeywell is using automated and data-powered tools for informed decision-making in the field by frontline workers

Economic challenges – such as inflation, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages – have increased costs for businesses in every industry. At the same time, reverberations from the COVID-19 pandemic have changed consumer demand and the way business must operate.

As a result, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to strengthen their business models, support their employees, and drive efficiencies that cut costs and reduce their environmental impact.

Honeywell, a leading technology innovator in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Enablement and Operational Technology (OT) space, sees these shifts firsthand. With more than 100 years in business, the company is developing and deploying new solutions that are revolutionizing and enhancing its customers’ businesses.

Where Honeywell used to have to roll out a truck and deploy a technician, they can now solve up to 30% of connected service calls remotely. 

Honeywell Forge, paired with Salesforce’s industry-leading technologies from Service Cloud and Field Service, is creating a cohesive service management process that has allowed Honeywell’s workforce to adapt to new dynamics of business.

Cloud-based solutions and automation drive efficiency

For Honeywell, accelerated cloud adoption allowed them to continue providing the exceptional service that is at the heart of their business. But, where Honeywell used to have to roll out a truck and deploy a technician, they can now solve up to 30% of connected service calls remotely. 

In addition, for the calls that do require on-site support, the company can use Honeywell Forge in partnership with Salesforce to employ data analytics, automation, and predictive insights to complete services more efficiently and safely.

Cloud-based solutions are also helping Honeywell with HR functions for their over 100,000 employees to increase satisfaction with HR queries and offer an employee self-serve portal. The solution intelligently routes HR queries, which shortens case resolution times and increases service agent productivity. It also provides employees the ability to search knowledge articles, view case status, and live chat with an HR agent. 

The system has improved employee satisfaction and case deflection, and now easily resolves about 80,000 employee cases a month.

Leading on productivity and sustainability

These service enhancements have important implications for Honeywell’s environmental impact as well.

With fewer truck roll outs and more efficient service management, Honeywell is reducing fuel costs and helping employees do their jobs more safely and productively. In fact, these new solutions have optimized over $11 million in captured front line technician productivity per year.

Additionally, as a global leader for the world’s environmental sustainability enablement, Honeywell plays both roles of assisting companies reach their goals, while maintaining the highest levels of its set targets. In part, by optimizing field service operations, remotely addressing service needs and reducing fuel usage, Honeywell can maintain its sustainability goals. This transformation has led to a 13% decrease in miles driven, and a carbon usage reduction of more than 150 tons.

Preparing for the future

Similar to all businesses looking to the future, Honeywell is also proud to be shaping it. Their commitment to cloud-based, automated and predictive tools has kept them running at full speed to deliver for their customers and employees.

“We are preparing for the next 100 years of our business, ensuring our customers are getting an intelligent, connected experience through Honeywell Forge and Salesforce,” said Stuart McCormick, Global Service Process & Tools Leader, Honeywell. “With Salesforce Field Service we are improving our occupant experience, making our operations more efficient, and reducing our carbon footprint.”

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