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Salesforce Joins White House Pilot Program to Connect American Workers with the Right Jobs

At Salesforce we are passionate about removing barriers to entry and empowering everyone – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background – to pursue a successful career of their choosing. Last year we signed the White House Pledge to America’s Workers, committing to give 1 million Americans the skills they need to land a top job in the Salesforce ecosystem. And today, I am very excited to announce that Salesforce, at the recommendation of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, has established a pilot program to advance the development of Interoperable Learning Records (ILRs), standardized and portable systems that house a person’s credentials, skills and achievements, designed to increase transparency and accelerate hiring in the labor market.

Developed in partnership with Dignity Health Global Education, the Salesforce ILR pilot will create a trusted skills network of skills-based profiles for nurses that will enable healthcare providers to find the right people with the right credentials, and candidates to find the right jobs quickly — something that is required now more than ever. And the network will be built using Salesforce Blockchain, a platform that enables organizations to securely share verified data across a network of third parties.

“It is inspiring to see the private sector develop technology solutions to support American workers during this unprecedented time in the labor market,” said Michael Kratsios, U.S. Chief Technology Officer, The White House. “By advancing the use of interoperable learning records, American workers and students will be better equipped to seek employment opportunities that are tailored to their unique skill sets. We thank Salesforce for their commitment to this important initiative and look forward to the continued progress.”

“Our core mission has always been to improve the lives of healthcare workers through education,” said Savi Barrowes, VP, Workforce Platforms at Dignity Health Global Education. “Now, our work is focused on applying technology to empower nurses to take control of their careers and improve their lives at light speed. We are thrilled to partner with Salesforce and we can’t wait to get our solution into the hands of nurses who really need this in a post-COVID world.”

By creating the network on Salesforce Blockchain and using a consistent taxonomy for skills and experience, nurses will have a trusted, portable record of all their achievements including work experience, academic degrees, credentials and skills. This digital resume can accompany them throughout their career, reducing friction in the hiring process and creating new pathways for job mobility. Healthcare providers will be able to minimize credential verification times and lower third-party recruitment costs, quickly and confidently filling crucial nursing positions.

At the outset, the pilot project will focus on incorporating the skills-based profiles for nurses in one specific healthcare system. Over time as the concept develops, the vision for the trusted skills network is to expand it to other regions, occupations and industries.

Workforce Development at Salesforce

Salesforce believes we have a responsibility to create and shape an equitable and ethical future. In this new era, leading for business and leading for society will go hand in hand. As the world reorients itself in the wake of COVID-19, the public and private sector must work together to educate, train, and reskill workers.

Core to Salesforce’s mission of creating an equal pathway to the jobs of today and tomorrow is Trailhead. More than 2.1 million learners around the world are transforming their careers and their lives with Salesforce’s free, online learning platform that teaches the technology, business and soft skills needed to land an in-demand job in today’s economy. With a library of over 800 badges of engaging, bite-sized content, Trailhead empowers anyone to gain new marketable technology and business skills, and hone existing ones. By breaking down barriers to learning, Trailhead is democratizing education and making learning accessible for anyone looking to skill up at their current company or completely transform their career.

As part of Trailhead, Salesforce offers training and reskilling opportunities through the following programs:

  • Pathfinder is a workforce development program built in collaboration with Deloitte designed to train individuals with the technical and business skills necessary to pursue a career in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Trailhead Military is a Salesforce workforce development program that provides an onramp for the military community to tap into the booming Salesforce economy of high demand, high paying tech careers.
  • Trailblazer Connect helps Trailblazers connect to mentorship and career opportunities through events and online resources.

Beyond Trailhead, Salesforce’s university and recruiting and internship program, Futureforce, is cultivating the next generation of talent through direct work experience.


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