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Customer Success

Salesforce Launches Any Channel Service to Help Retailers Deliver Faster, Smarter Shopper Services

Today’s definition of customer care is rapidly changing, thanks to new and emerging channels. From Wechat, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, branded mobile apps to more traditional service in the form of email, webchat, phone, or the retail store customer service counter, it’s not surprising that shoppers have more flexibility choosing how and when they receive service today.

However, when it comes to great service, many shoppers hold the same expectations: “know me, make it easy for me, and increasingly, surprise and delight me.” For retailers, this means they must transform their service experience in order to win the hearts and wallets of shoppers today. And most brands agree: 70% of retail and consumer goods marketing leaders say they are increasingly competing on the basis of customer experience. They can do so by enabling agents to spend more time building relationships with shoppers, and less on other items.

That’s why Salesforce is excited to announce the launch of Deliver Any Channel Service, built on the #1 B2C CRM to empower retailers to deliver faster, smarter shopper service across every channel. A video is available here, showing how it works.

This solution provides retailers with the ability to deeply engage with shoppers, allowing them to:

  • Engage across every channel: provide top tier service to shoppers on any channel – SMS, chat, social, mobile, phone, and video, you name it
  • Transform service interactions to smart experiences with artificial intelligence: help customers shop faster with smarter, faster service experiences powered by smart case routing, automatic knowledge recommendations, chatbots, and a single view of the customer
  • Empower shoppers to find answers, fast: enable customers to self service at scale, finding the right answers to their questions on their own time and convenience
  • Unify the entire shopper experience: enhance customer relationships by connecting Service, Marketing, and Commerce on a single platform

Rituals Cosmetics—a European beauty retailer building transformative body and home products inspired by natural ingredients and ancient Eastern beauty traditions—is one of our customer Trailblazers using this solution. With Deliver Any Channel Service, Rituals Cosmetics is able to personalize its entire customer experience – from multiple channels, to offline, and offline interactions. The company is also leveraging the solution to quickly scale customer service, provide connected service interactions across all channels (even in alternative channels like WhatsApp), and create a seamless connected shopping experience starting on social.

We built Salesforce Deliver Any Channel Service to empower retailers to deliver faster, smarter shopper service across any channel. Built on the #1 B2C CRM, retailers can provide shoppers with smart and swift service at any point of their journey and across any channel, whether SMS, messaging apps, phone, or even email. Additionally, retailers can leverage Einstein for smart case routing, automate conversations with bots, and help shoppers find answers to their own questions. Learn more here.


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