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Salesforce Launches New Feedback Management Solution for Businesses to Better Respond to Customer and Employee Needs

As organizations continue to manage through reopening safely, it’s more important than ever that they understand the changing needs and expectations of their key stakeholders. Do employees feel safe returning to work? Are customers satisfied with the health standards offered in-store? Are policyholders upset with a recent change in their insurance costs?

With that in mind, Salesforce is introducing Feedback Management, a new suite of enterprise-level tools and surveys built natively into the Salesforce platform that provides businesses with the capabilities to collect real-time, actionable feedback. With this easy-to-activate solution, businesses can drive more informed and relevant business decisions.

According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer Report, 73% of customers expect the businesses they interact with to understand their needs. However, only about half of customers say companies are delivering on their needs because businesses do not have the necessary information to provide personalized experiences. Real-time feedback data gathered at the right stage of each relationship is the most important way for businesses to better understand the needs of their customers.

Gather powerful, actionable feedback such as NPS scores after a store visit

Salesforce Feedback Management offers the following capabilities to gather feedback in real time:

  • Enhancing the Customer 360 with unified feedback and customer data: Businesses can automatically pull their data available in the Salesforce platform and plug that data into a customer survey question — such as a service rep name, item purchased and date of service — helping provide more personalized questions and context to the survey taker. The responses are then mapped individually back into the Salesforce platform, automatically creating or updating a field. This unifies the business’s customer feedback anddain the Salesforce platform to make it more actionable for that business. And by mapping that information back to the platform, business can create follow-up actions based on different needs.
  • Automatically collect feedback at the various points of interaction between a business and its customers and employees: Businesses can create fully customizable lifecycle maps and journey analytics to help define the interactions that are important to their business, create surveys and automate feedback collection across any channel, including bots, service centers, portals and more. For example, as retailers begin to re-open physical locations, they can immediately collect feedback after a customer leaves their store, helping to improve new in-store operations and experience.
Automatically send surveys after interactions important to your business
  • Improving experiences with actionable insights: Feedback Management gives businesses the ability to create follow-up actions based on any survey response and track net promoter and customer satisfaction scores across the customer lifecycle. Powered by Einstein Analytics, Feedback Management provides intelligent, built-in dashboards so businesses can track customer and employee feedback to derive actionable insights. For example, an insurance company can track satisfaction scores with policyholders across interactions and drill down into why the scores may have increased or decreased after submitting a claim, helping them to address any shortcomings with the customer experience.
Better understand relationships across a lifecycle with dashboards powered by Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Feedback Management is now available globally as an add-on to Sales, Service, Platform and our Industry-specific clouds. Learn more about this new solution and to register for our webinar on August 11.


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