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Salesforce Launches Vantage Point, a New Magazine Highlighting Unique Perspectives from Influential Leaders

Vantage Point

Quick take: Salesforce’s Vantage Point is a quarterly print magazine that brings together original storytelling and actionable guidance from global leaders at the forefront of change. 

What’s the impact: At the height of digital fatigue, executives are turning to a timeless traditional format — magazines. Each issue of Vantage Point captures thoughtfully curated, diverse perspectives and real-world examples showing how to unite teams and drive business forward.

The first issue, Teaming, shares the stories behind cultivating resilient, collaborative teams at companies such as The Estée Lauder Companies, Contently, USAA, Herman Miller, and more.

The Salesforce Perspective: 

Vantage Point includes original storytelling with actionable guidance, as seen in two excerpts from this month’s feature story, “The Invisible Office”.

“For most workers, including those at Salesforce,the new work environment won’t simply be a shift from office to home office. This is going to mean redesigning and rebuilding physical office spaces to accommodate the different types of work that they will be used for; replacing a sea of office desks with more social, collaborative spaces; adding smaller satellite locations closer to where employees live; and helping to furnish home offices to make them comfortable and healthy places to work.”

“New teams expected to do a lot of digital onboarding can save themselves enormous headaches by drafting teaming agreements — something the content team did at Salesforce and haven’t looked back.”

Fast facts: Vantage Point will be published quarterly with original content tackling a core theme that aids business growth. Columns include:

  • “The Inflection Point,” a recurring column highlighting a business leader’s breakthrough with a major business challenge, such as equality. 
  • “Cross-Pollinate” brings together two executives from disparate roles and industries for a candid conversation about their respective business challenges and common solutions from across the C-suite. 
  • “Trailblazers” unveils the transformative journey of how leading executives are pioneering new ways of work while changing the world before them.
  • “Start by Starting” breaks down expert-driven solutions into micro-steps on what leaders can do in an hour, quarter, and year to solve pressing business challenges. 

Zoom out: The next issue of Vantage Point will cover all things data: how to interpret it, take action, and common pitfalls.

Explore further: 

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