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Salesforce Maps Is Now HIPAA Compliant

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Quick take: Salesforce announced today that its family of location intelligence products, including Maps, Territory Planning, and LiveTracking, is now compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

What’s the impact: Now, healthcare and in-home patient care companies can safeguard the privacy and security of protected patient and customer health information while increasing field efficiency and improving care. 

Salesforce Maps helps companies from every industry visualize their data, design balanced territories, and plan efficient routes, streamlining administration and reducing drive times. With this HIPAA compliance milestone, now healthcare providers managing protected health information (PHI) can take full advantage of Salesforce Maps’ route optimization capabilities. 

Zoom out: There’s increasing demand for in-home health care as insurance companies aim to lower costs for coverage due to extended hospital or facility stays. COVID-19 also emphasized the importance of personalized care while keeping beds available for those that are most critical. In order for home health aides and personal care assistants to meet higher demands for care, they need an easy, secure way to plan their visits, stay on top of business processes, and keep track of important details and sensitive patient data on the go.

With Salesforce Maps, companies like MedZed are able to serve patients more efficiently and effectively. MedZed optimizes nurses’ and community health workers’ routes to maximize the number of patients they see daily, provides timely care to prevent hospital visits, and visualizes high-potential areas for field visits to boost engagement rates. “Salesforce Maps gives us the insights to prioritize patient geographic clusters where we can have the biggest impact,” said Neil A. Solomon, MD, CMO, and Co-founder at MedZed.

Fast facts: HIPAA-compliant Salesforce Maps is a seamless extension of Health Cloud, the CRM that connects people, data, and processes for better healthcare outcomes. With Salesforce Maps, home and personalized care providers are set up for success before, during, and after every visit, allowing them to focus on helping deliver the quality care patients expect.

  • Providers that offer in-home patient care can establish balance across caregivers while honoring patients’ requests for specific aides. Plus, they can quickly realign capacity as service zones expand or new aides come on board.
  • Coordinators and/or aides can build optimized schedules and routes based on constraints like skill set needed or fixed appointment times, enabling regular visits while lowering operational costs due to mileage, traffic delays, and wrong turns.
  • By automating key processes and data capture – such as mileage calculations, check-in/out, follow-up communication, and activity logging – aides can spend more time with their patients and continue to focus on providing care.
  • Aides can also securely access and update patient information on the road in order to prepare for appointments and capture any post-appointment notes.

Explore further: Visit the Salesforce Maps product page to learn more, or access the Salesforce Maps for Health Providers datasheet.


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