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Salesforce, MuleSoft and Tableau Bring Critical COVID-19 Data Together with Free Tools to Guide Safe Return-to-Work Strategies and Accelerate Emergency Response Projects

COVID-19 Data Platform aggregates and curates public information to support data-driven decisions by business leaders and developers on the return to the workplace

Crisis Response Developer Portal accelerates mission-critical IT projects for healthcare and frontline industries

As we start to emerge from the global crisis, businesses and communities of all sizes are looking to reopen as quickly and safely as possible. However, COVID-19 public data is highly fragmented across disparate sources and difficult to consume, making it hard to know what data is reliable to act on and to scale across experiences. At the same time, organizations across industries are racing to address emerging needs – requiring a faster way to unlock data across applications and systems.

That’s why today we are introducing new tools and resources that enable business leaders and developers to easily access public health data and quickly respond to time-sensitive, mission-critical initiatives that require data from external systems. These solutions allow IT teams to move quickly by leveraging pre-built APIs and developer resources instead of manually building from scratch, saving precious development time. New solutions available for free include:

· COVID-19 Data Platform is an open data service for developers and the Salesforce ecosystem – powering the Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub and the Command Center. COVID-19 Data Platform ingests and aggregates data across public sources, including The New York Times, EUCDC and the COVID Tracking Project, and curates them into standardized data models that can be reliably used to make data-driven decisions, whether through visualizations or automations. Examples of what these data sources provide include daily updates on the number of cases at the state and county level, the number of positive and negative test results in the United States, and the number of new cases per day across the European Union. Powered by MuleSoft and Tableau, the public data is available as open APIs on MuleSoft’s API and integration marketplace, Anypoint Exchange, and within Tableau Public so that any developer or analyst can access and integrate crucial data into applications and build new visualizations. Thanks to the contribution of Akamai, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, we are able to serve API requests quickly and reliably anywhere in the world. The Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub is also available in AWS Marketplace, to extend the value and collaboration to third-party developers using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

· Crisis Response Developer Portal provides developers with curated COVID-19 related resources, including the APIs and data models for the COVID-19 Data Platform; important healthcare integration assets, such as APIs, templates and best practices to accelerate the delivery of critical healthcare projects; and curated third-party APIs that support how organizations address the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the most useful resources found on Anypoint Exchange, the Crisis Response Developer Portal will also feature contributions from successful partner and customer projects – encouraging a collaborative community oriented around patient needs. By leveraging pre-built integration assets, healthcare IT and other developers can quickly support a coordinated front-line response.

To engage with the visualizations built on top of the COVID-19 Data Platform, visit the Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub and For more information on how to leverage the COVID-19 Data Platform and COVID-19 Crisis Response Developer Portal, visit MuleSoft’s COVID-19 resources and check out blogs from MuleSoft and Tableau on the news.

Learn how to make safe, data-driven decisions at our virtual event: How to Reopen Your Business and Community Safely with

Join us for an event designed to help you get back to work in a safe and efficient way. We’ll speak to public health experts, business leaders, and other Trailblazers about planning your return to the office. You’ll hear about a recommended phased approach and how to prepare your teams for getting back to the office. You’ll also see new technology that will help you feel confident in the decisions you’ll have to make along the way.

Register now for the free virtual event on Tuesday, May 19 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET.


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