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How Salesforce Patient 360 for Health Innovations Help Organizations Deliver Patient Success Now

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In the lead up to HLTH 2022, Salesforce unveiled innovations across Patient 360 for Health — including Behavioral Health, Advanced Therapy Management, Salesforce Genie for Healthcare, Care Coordination, MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare, Commerce Marketplace for Healthcare, and Subscriptions for Healthcare — to help healthcare and life sciences organizations deliver success now, all on a single platform. 

Why it’s important: Amid economic headwinds, organizations are looking to invest in streamlined solutions that increase time-to-value, cost savings, and efficiency without compromising patient outcomes.

Innovation in action: Patient 360 for Health draws on the full power of Salesforce to deliver relevant solutions for healthcare and life sciences companies, creating trusted, connected relationships between patients, providers, and payers.

Behavioral Health enables holistic patient engagement with greater efficiency

It’s estimated that one in four people globally will suffer from mental health issues in their lifetime, with depression alone costing $210.5 billion to the global economy each year. With Behavioral Health, teams can personalize engagement for patients at each step of their care journey and provide access to mental and behavioral health services more efficiently – to help address behavioral health inequities.

  • Interactive Health Timeline makes it easy for care teams and crisis center counselors to view and filter a patient’s health milestones and behavioral events, including recent hospital visits, ambulatory care, life events, and prescriptions. 
  • Crisis Center Support gives crisis center counselors easy access to pre-configured workflows like intake, built-in assessments, provider search, and patient history to help identify risk of self-harm while automatically compiling crisis center reporting all from a single console. 
  • Intelligent Assessments aids care teams and counselors capturing behavioral health assessments over the phone, helping to identify risk level and personalize care for individuals experiencing mental health issues. Care teams and counselors can also send patient assessments like PHQ-9 before an appointment or counseling session and once they are completed, generate recommendations to act on.
Intelligent Patient Assessments are multi-channel dynamic assessments that can be easily submitted by patients and then evaluated, scored, and trended by care management teams to identify the next best step.

Advanced Therapy Management streamlines patient care and treatment with a connected, end-to-end journey

In a world where medical errors cost an estimated $20 billion and 100,000 mortalities each year, accuracy can mean the difference between life and death. This is especially true for more advanced medicine like cell and gene therapies or postoperative prostheses, which are often considered a last resort for terminally-ill patients.

  • Advanced Therapy Management helps pharmaceutical companies streamline and maintain full visibility around the entire advanced therapy treatment processes for patients – from referrals, apheresis, and multiple appointment scheduling to drug manufacturing and administration – enabling the delivery of precision medicine at scale by connecting everyone involved in a patient’s therapy journey.

Creating more personalized patient experiences

Patient expectations for faster care are rising. Healthcare and life sciences organizations need connected data and intelligence, along with robust integration and automation tools, to help their employees deliver connected, personalized care to patients in real time. 

  • Salesforce Genie for Healthcare integrates real-time clinical data, such as past and current medications, and non-clinical data, such as social determinants of health, to create a more comprehensive patient profile. By pulling together medical, social, community, environmental, and behavioral factors, care teams have a more holistic snapshot of the patient to help personalize engagement and optimize care interventions that positively influence health outcomes. 
  • Patient Care Coordination enabled by Slack will allow care teams and healthcare organizations to access apps that help improve patient case management and outcomes. Care coordinators will be able to connect with colleagues through alerts, messages and workflows from a secure platform. For example, if a patient has an urgent post-visit question, the care team members can connect via Slack to quickly address the issue.
  • MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare quickly brings together the most important patient information by unifying data from clinical and non-clinical systems such as EHRs, lab management tools, billing and scheduling systems with industry-specific APIs, integration templates, and architecture support. Data is easily and securely exchanged with HL7 v2 and FHIR R4 standards for labs, appointments, benefit verification, prior authorization, and more.
  • Automation for Utilization Management helps providers and payers streamline information exchange and more efficiently collaborate on care requests with purpose-built dashboards and flows to make faster decisions for the patient, ultimately driving better outcomes.
Salesforce Genie for Healthcare combines clinical and non-clinical data into a single holistic view that enables real-time, marketing-focused actions to identify, segment, and engage patients.

An integrated, one-stop shop for patients 

The intersection of ecommerce and healthcare continues to be an avenue for life sciences organizations to increase efficiencies while offering a more convenient, agile experience to patients. 

  • Commerce Marketplace for Healthcare helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies launch their own digital marketplaces and sell trusted third-party products directly from their own commerce storefront. 
  • Subscriptions for Healthcare helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies provide their customers with different subscription models based on their needs – including one-time, termed or evergreen options – and manage their subscription preferences at any time while also easily making updates with different self-service actions. 

Zoom out: Patient 360 for Health is one of 13 industry-specific solutions, including Driver 360 for Automotive, Client 360 for Financial Services, and Education 360 for learning, that leverages the full power of Salesforce’s Customer 360 to deliver a single source of customer truth. 

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About Salesforce’s Patient 360 for Health

Salesforce’s Patient 360 for Health delivers relevant tailored solutions for healthcare and life sciences organizations globally to provide connected digital experiences for their employees, patients, and members. Patient 360 for Health provides Salesforce customers with industry-specific solutions that make it easier to scale and personalize patient experiences whenever and wherever they are on their journey. 


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