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Salesforce Recognizes 2020 International Day of People with Disabilities


Today Salesforce recognizes the International Day of People with Disabilities. In 1992, the UN proclaimed that this day would take place every year on December 3rd with the purpose to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities and to increase awareness of the situations that people with disabilities face in all aspects of society.

This year two themes are highlighted: 

  • Building Back Better: toward a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 World, which aims at ensuring that disability inclusion is at the forefront of planning for a world that improves health systems and meets the needs of people with disabilities to ensure that no one is left behind.
  • Not All Disabilities are Visible, brings more awareness that not all disabilities are apparent, but are important to understand and take seriously. These are disabilities such as mental illness, chronic pain or fatigue, sight or hearing impairments, diabetes, brain injuries, neurological disorders, and learning and cognitive differences, among many others.

The World Health Organization shares 10 facts that highlight why initiatives like this are important:

  1. Over 1 billion people live with some form of disability
  2. Disability disproportionately affects vulnerable populations
  3. People with disabilities often do not receive needed health care
  4. Children with disabilities are less likely to attend school than children without disability
  5. The unmet needs of children with disabilities have increased considerably, as health services have not expanded to meet the growing need.
  6. People with disabilities are more likely to be unemployed than people without disability
  7. People with disabilities are vulnerable to poverty
  8. People with disabilities can live and participate in the community
  9. Disabling barriers can be overcome
  10. Recognizing that disability is a human rights issue, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) promotes, protects and ensures human rights for all people with disabilities

Spreading Awareness

In 2017, to help spread more awareness around issues like these and the International Day of People with Disabilities, our partner PurpleSpace launched the #PurpleLightUp campaign.

The purpose of the campaign is to draw attention to the contribution that the 368 million employees with disabilities around the world bring to the economy and does so through the lighting of iconic buildings, events, and the development of workplace policies, to show commitment to disability inclusion across the world.

Why the color purple? It represents the spending power of people with disabilities which is often referred to as the ‘purple pound’ and is considered a vibrant color that communicates the importance of disability equality.

This year Salesforce is proud to take part in the #PurpleLightUp campaign and will be sharing awareness across our social channels throughout the day, so keep a look out.

Ways to get involved

Let’s keep the conversation going

The road to equality and inclusion for people with disabilities is a journey and we know there is more work to be done. As we build a more inclusive and accessible world for all, we’re interested in opportunities to highlight the community, our employees, customers, partners, and innovative technology. If you’d like to partner with us, follow our new Twitter handle, @SalesforceA11y and read how we’re learning to build and implement web accessibility and what your business can do.


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