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Stakeholder Capitalism

Salesforce Spring 2023 Giving Report: Transforming the Future of Philanthropy through AI

At Salesforce, innovation is one of our core values – and that sentiment extends to our philanthropic work. As advances in generative AI rapidly revolutionize our world, we remain dedicated to empowering our customers through the transformative power of AI, data, and CRM. We are also committed to supporting our philanthropic partners through this time of rapid innovation — helping ensure no one gets left behind as generative AI reshapes the world around us. 

Giving back has been at the core of Salesforce’s DNA from the very beginning. As our 1-1-1 model has grown and evolved, I have witnessed the incredible power of technology and philanthropy coming together to drive meaningful change in communities around the world. 

I have witnessed the incredible power of technology and philanthropy coming together to drive meaningful change in communities around the world. 

Through the end of the first quarter of fiscal year 2024 (April 30, 2023), this commitment has empowered Salesforce to:

  • Donate a total of $621 million in grants 
  • Provide 8.1 million employee service hours 
  • Support more than 54,000 nonprofit and higher education customers through our software 

As the world around us evolves, so does the way we give back and innovate to support our partners.Here’s a look at how Salesforce gave back in the first quarter and how we’re working with our partners to navigate this transformative time. 

Closing the AI access gap

Earlier this month we announced Salesforce Accelerator – AI for Impact. The philanthropic initiative’s goal is to close the AI access gap by providing flexible funding, pro-bono expertise, and technology to purpose-driven organizations, empowering them to accelerate generative AI-based solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

In 2023, the accelerator will grant $2 million to a cohort of education, workforce, and climate organizations to advance the equitable and ethical use of trusted AI. Expressions of interest in the Accelerator will open at Dreamforce 2023, and grantees will be announced in the months to follow.

Bringing the full power of Salesforce to support refugees

On World Refugee Day, we announced a partnership with to upskill 1,500 refugees and support the hiring of 600 refugees through the Salesforce Talent Alliance. This builds on Salesforce’s existing efforts to support displaced individuals through the company’s ecosystem of customers and partners, refugee-serving nonprofit partners, and employee action.

In the last 18 months, the Salesforce ecosystem has helped over 1,500 refugees access training opportunities and connected 550 more to job opportunities in full-time, high-paying career paths. 

While technology is rapidly evolving, we are evolving our philanthropic approach to meet stakeholder needs. As we reflect on the incredible impact our 1-1-1 model has driven to date, we also view this moment in time as a critical inflection point – one that presents an opportunity to transform the future of philanthropy through the power of technology and AI innovation. Let’s continue this impact journey to serve all of our stakeholders.

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