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Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Features Now Available

Salesforce Summer ’20 release features are now available to customers globally.

This release includes over 300 innovations. Here are some of the top new products and features that are now available in market:

  • This release includes our new Workplace Command Center and Emergency Program Management technologies to support private and public sector organizations reopen safely and promote the health and safety of employees, customers, and communities.
  • Service Cloud Voice enhances agent efficiency to improve customer satisfaction, and give supervisors the insight they need into customer service trends.
  • High Velocity Sales: Einstein Call Coaching enables reps to drive sales excellence in customer calls and optimize strategies with conversational intelligence.
  • Salesforce Feedback Management allows users to design and embed surveys across customer journeys and closely tie feedback to Salesforce objects to get better insight at each stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • Sales Visit Inventory Management helps medical sales reps make sure they have the right equipment and inventory to meet medical demand during sales visits.
  • B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience allows users to deploy B2B Commerce with Lightning Experience, making it easier and faster for storefront managers to run their sites quickly, and stay connected to Salesforce data and processes.
  • Salesforce Private Connect provides secure, private communication between Salesforce and third party clouds. The service is launching with AWS meaning you can send private HTTP/S traffic between Salesforce and AWS regions without exposing that traffic to the public internet.

These are just a few of the hundreds of new products and features going live with this release to support you through this time of change. For complete details, see the Summer ’20 release website


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