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The New Normal

Salesforce and Thrive Global Introduce New Wellness Resources to Help Businesses Prioritize Wellbeing

Thrive and Salesforce

Over the last several months, we’ve had to reimagine nearly every aspect of our business — from our events to our products. We delivered relevant innovation for our customers with, a suite of applications and advisory resources to help business and community leaders around the world reopen safely, reskill employees and respond efficiently to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its launch in May, a myriad of organizations have selected to reopen safely, including University of Kentucky, Siemens, Ohio State University, and Advanced Technology Group (ATG), a Cognizant company. Additionally, Salesforce is providing contact tracing and other COVID-19 solutions built on our Platform to nearly 60 government customers worldwide, including 35 U.S. state agencies, federal agencies like NASA, and countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce an expanded partnership with Thrive Global, a behavior change technology company, to provide wellness content to team leaders and employees. We know that success in this new normal isn’t just about physical safety – we want to help businesses and employees prioritize wellbeing and mental health. Leveraging Thrive Global’s expertise in wellness, we’ll provide guides on how to analyze and address individual wellbeing, build mental resilience, manage anxiety and find work-life balance.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our work with Salesforce as their well-being partner, powering their well-being platform with science, storytelling, ancient wisdom, and actionable microsteps that will have an immediate and lasting impact on people’s lives. In ordinary times, being able to manage stress and build resilience is important — right now, it’s essential,” said Arianna Huffington Founder and CEO of Thrive Global. “At Thrive, we take a whole human approach to well-being — focusing on sleep, nutrition, movement, our relationship with technology, the power of gratitude, and connecting with a larger sense of meaning and purpose — to give people the tools they need to be at their best as leaders and in every aspect of their lives.”

The content is part of a new Health & Wellbeing Resource Center, which includes expert commentary and advice on wellness from respected voices, such as Dr. David Agus and Dr. Larry Brilliant. Anyone looking for wellbeing support can find resources from Camp B-Well, “How I Work” video series, Thrive guides and more.

To learn more about prioritizing health and wellness, please visit our resource center.


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