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Salesforce’s Bret Taylor kicks off Industries Summit: How Customer 360 is Driving Digital Transformation

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the companies that will succeed are those that can rapidly digitally transform.  Enabling and accelerating this transformation across industries, while continuing to adapt to the pandemic and safely reopen, were among the key themes at Salesforce Industries Summit. The event kicked off on Wednesday morning with a keynote address from Salesforce President and COO Bret Taylor.

This is everyone’s first pandemic. We’re all figuring this out together and every single one of our industries is changing”

– Bret Taylor, President & COO, Salesforce

Taylor discussed how the pandemic is causing widespread changes in consumer behavior, and how companies are reacting to that. “This is everyone’s first pandemic. We’re all figuring this out together,’ Taylor said. “And every single one of our industries is changing, right before our eyes. Marketing is moving from convention centers to virtual events like this. We’re living the future right now in retail, where it’s gone from brick-and-mortar to buy online, and curbside pickup.” 

Energy and Utilities Cloud gives teams a 360-degree view of customers to deliver personalized omnichannel customer service and simplify business processes from sales to service to field operations

For businesses, Taylor stressed that it is essential for them to have a 360-degree view of customers across every industry.  “At Salesforce, we do one thing–we build the world’s number one CRM,” he said. “We’re helping some of the greatest businesses in the world with what we call Customer 360. It’s the single source of truth for business, so that they can connect sales, customer service, marketing digital commerce, and custom applications into a seamless experience for every customer interaction.”

Purpose-built solutions for different industry needs

Not every industry is impacted in the same way by the crisis, which is why Salesforce today introduced the next chapter of Salesforce Industries.

It’s really simple. It takes a vision of Customer 360, and becomes a glove fit for your industry.”

Bret Taylor, President & COO, Salesforce

“The Salesforce Customer 360 platform has become the standard for CRM, in every single industry,” Taylor said. “Twenty of the top 20 financial services companies run Salesforce. Fifteen of the top 15 Healthcare and Life Sciences companies run on Salesforce. Twenty of the top 20 manufacturing companies run on Salesforce.”

Communications Cloud gives agents a 360-degree view of customers in the B2C Console

“Today you’ve heard about our 12, world-class industry clouds.” said Taylor. “These are purpose-built platforms with industry specific data models that take all of the best practices from all of these industries and make them fast, and make them easy for you to set up for your own business. It’s really simple. It takes a vision of Customer 360, and becomes a glove fit for your industry.”

Meanwhile, businesses everywhere are focusing on safely reopening. Manufacturing, distributing and safely administering an effective COVID-19 vaccine to billions is a monumental challenge. Today, Salesforce launched for Vaccines, a complete solution set that can help governments and healthcare organizations manage vaccine programs at scale – with inventory management, clinical scheduling and more.

A vaccine inventory management dashboard in for Vaccines

“What are the habits that we’ve developed over this pandemic that are going to remain on the other side of it?” Taylor asked. “I think the really interesting question is to consider what ‘great’ looks like for any particular industry and what great will look like for that industry in this all-digital work-anywhere future.”

For more from Salesforce Industries Summit, see our announcement, and a discussion of digital transformation across industries. For more on for Vaccines, see our press release, which includes a demo video.


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