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Salesforce’s Workforce Week Unlocks Opportunity for Aspiring Tech Professionals

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Salesforce recently hosted its third annual Workforce Week, a four-day virtual workshop series that brought together nearly 300 job seekers from workforce development nonprofits and community colleges to participate in workplace learning and networking opportunities. With the goal of increasing diversity in and access to the technology industry, Salesforce’s Workforce Week helped participants expand their professional network, prepare for upcoming job interviews, and gain relevant skills for their chosen careers. 

Workforce Week equips individuals facing barriers to employment with tools to gain lasting, meaningful careers. Workday began the initiative, coining the phrase “Workforce Week” with a goal to create economic equality for all. They provide public resources and toolkits to other companies so that these efforts can scale across industries. Salesforce’s first iteration of Workforce Week took place in 2019, and came together as a national effort in 2021. 

“At Salesforce, we believe that events like Workforce Week are key to helping aspiring tech professionals establish a strong professional foundation,” said Nikki Tosiello, Director of Workforce Development, Salesforce. “We are thankful to have the opportunity to support programs that generate opportunities for underrepresented communities through talent development, philanthropy, and employee volunteering.”

“We are thankful to have the opportunity to support programs that generate opportunities for underrepresented communities through talent development, philanthropy, and employee volunteering.”

Nikki Tosiello, Director of Workforce Development, Salesforce

Workforce Week participants attended workshops led by Salesforce employees on key topics for professional growth, and gained access to Salesforce career development tools like the V2MOM, a goal-setting process that the company uses to maintain corporate KPI alignment.

“Workforce Week was a great opportunity to meet future colleagues, enrich my network, and unlock my potential,” said Daniel Naranjo, who recently completed a fellowship program with Pursuit, a nonprofit focused on training adults for their first job in technology. “I discovered my core values through the workshops and laid out a [career] roadmap to follow the V2MOM alignment process.”

Ten organizations were represented at Workforce Week, including Braven, Per Scholas, COOP, JVS, I.C. Stars, Merit America, NPower, Upwardly Global, Pursuit and Ivy Tech Community College.

“Nearly 50 Per Scholas learners attended events on opening day alone,” said Cici Flanagan, Director of Corporate Engagement at Per Scholas, a nonprofit that provides skills training and access to employer networks to individuals often excluded from tech careers. “There’s tremendous value in industry professionals sharing their technical expertise and career trajectories with individuals who are striving to launch a career in technology.”

“Dozens of Braven Fellows participated in Salesforce’s Workforce Week,” said Aimée Eubanks Davis, founder and CEO of Braven, a nonprofit focused on helping undergraduate students develop career-accelerating skills. “It’s so heartening to see an organization truly invested in the next generation of leaders.”

Salesforce offers reskilling, job training to help the close opportunity gap

According to recent studies, the world is facing a massive gap between the demand for digital skills and the supply of workers who possess them. However, despite being filled with potential, intelligence, and drive, too many people from underrepresented and underserved communities are overlooked for career opportunities due to systems of inequality. 

Salesforce believes in paving multiple pathways to successful careers, and has long been committed to democratizing learning and helping people gain entry to in-demand tech jobs. 

As the pandemic reshapes the economy and the future of work continues to evolve, there is an urgent need to address the opportunity gap — the disparity in access to quality careers and workforce development opportunities. Salesforce has committed to training and hiring for the jobs of tomorrow by leveraging philanthropy, employee volunteer time, and meaningful partnerships to close the opportunity gap and ensure that anyone can succeed in today’s workforce.

Together with its nonprofit partners, Salesforce is working to ensure untapped ualent can build social capital, succeed in meaningful careers, and achieve economic prosperity.

Learn more about Salesforce’s commitment to workforce development here.


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