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Slack Taps Partner Ecosystem to Expand Time-Saving Automation Capabilities

Following the introduction of new automation capabilities at Dreamforce, more than 65 new workflow connectors are available from apps like Google, Atlassian, Asana, and more. Customers like Canva and Roku depend on Slack automation to increase productivity and eliminate context switching

Today, Salesforce announced new automations that enable users to seamlessly connect multiple apps into a single workflow in Slack — with no back end setup or coding required. These steps from third-party apps, called connectors, easily plug and play into workflows and give customers more ways to bring automation into Slack channels and canvases. More than 65 new connectors from partners like Google, Atlassian, Asana, Pagerduty, and Box are now available in Slack’s Automation Hub.

Why it matters: Workers report using up to 52 different tools each week to get work done, but switching between these services can be costly and inefficient. Slack automation gives every user the ability to streamline any task or business process across the tools they use so they can save time and be more productive. In fact, customers report a 35% increase* in time savings from automations after using Slack.

By providing employees with the resources they need to automate the work that’s unique to their own challenges and across the tools that they know and love, we’re empowering employees and reducing context switching at a whole new level.

Rob Seaman, SVP of Product at Slack

The Slack perspective: “The average employee’s day-to-day has become too complex, being forced to work with siloed tools and data, and on time-consuming, repetitive tasks” said Rob Seaman, SVP of Product at Slack. “By providing employees with the resources they need to automate the work that’s unique to their own challenges and across the tools that they know and love, we’re empowering employees and reducing context switching at a whole new level.”

Go deeper: With Slack’s Workflow Builder, customers can easily build automations that span their tools. And with today’s news, they can connect more systems into their workflows than ever before. From productivity apps to departmental and project management tools and beyond, these new connectors will enable customers to:

  • Kickstart projects across multiple tools: Users can create a single workflow to set up and track project milestones in Asana, set up a kick-off meeting in Zoom, and share a brainstorm board in Miro with just a few clicks. The project details and progress are automatically shared in a team channel so everyone can begin collaborating and making decisions without switching contexts.
  • Alert and resolve incidents in real time: Users can declare an incident with PagerDuty, create an issue with Jira, create a record of the incident with Salesforce, and assemble a team in a dedicated incident channel, all in a single workflow. In fact, teams see a 17% faster time to detect incidents when using automation in Slack.
  • Onboard new team members with ease: Team leads can decrease onboarding time by automatically sharing pertinent Box files, adding new members to team meetings with Google Calendar, and providing access to relevant channels, all accompanied by a welcome message in Slack to ensure they hit the ground running.

What Slack partners and customers are saying:

  • “Together, Asana and Slack help turn conversations into action and drive greater business results with automation. In our increasingly busy work lives filled with data, notifications, and cross-functional communication, advancements in automation like these are critical for focusing on key priorities, collaborating more efficiently, and making decisions faster.” – Katie Guzman, Head of Core Product, Asana
  • “Our goal is to make work flow across every team – from IT teams responding to incidents, to Dev teams building and deploying new software, to Business teams fulfilling requests. Our partnership with Slack helps us accomplish this mission by further eliminating the manual, time-consuming parts of collaboration, and we’re excited to see these new connectors help customers access additional workflow automation so they can better respond to critical requests, incidents, and development changes.” – Ken Connally, Head of Technical Product Marketing, Atlassian
  • “Slack’s Workflow Builder has helped reshape the way our teams work by streamlining the lending process and speeding up cross-functional decision-making. The new ability to seamlessly connect even more third-party tools into Slack is a game-changer for productivity.” – Andrew Bennett, CEO, Provide


  • All 65 new connectors are available today, with more coming in the future.

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The above is intended for informational purposes. Please do not rely on this information in making your purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any products, features or functionality remain at the sole discretion of Slack and are subject to change.


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