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Slack Sales Elevate: Rochester Electronics Sells More Efficiently with CRM Data Delivered Directly into Slack

Global semiconductor distributor and manufacturer Rochester Electronics is a longtime customer that uses multiple Salesforce solutions, including Slack and Sales Cloud. The company’s sales team recently started using Slack Sales Elevate, a sales workspace that centralizes Salesforce insights and automates opportunity tasks by natively integrating Sales Cloud with Slack, to work and sell more efficiently.

Why it matters: Previously, Rochester Electronics’ sales team was encumbered by administrative tasks, gaps in communication, and having to manually pull insights from Sales Cloud into other siloed tools. Sales reps needed a more efficient and streamlined way to collaborate on deals and act on opportunities, while their leaders needed better visibility into real-time deal movement so that they could help the team drive customer success.

The impact: With Sales Elevate, Rochester Electronics works collaboratively on deals, saves time, simplifies processes, and centralizes CRM insights right where they’re already working. It only takes the team a few seconds to update a metric from their personalized sales workspace in Slack and have that data automatically sync to Salesforce.

  • Account executives use deal notifications to stay on top of account activity and act on real-time insights. The ability to proactively surface insights on deal movement in the context of their Slack conversations keeps the team aligned and allows them to better strategize on deals.
  • When field reps are on the go, they use Sales Elevate to get a complete and accurate view of their opportunities. They can manage their pipeline data on the road and from any device while staying connected to their account teams, allowing them to move deals forward more efficiently and giving their leaders real-time visibility into progress.
  • The sales team works more collaboratively with cross-functional teams to build quotes and move deals forward. Product, pricing, and business operations teams can easily access relevant account information directly in Slack so they can make better decisions and collaborate more effectively.

Customer perspective: “Slack Sales Elevate is a game changer for our business and our customers. Our team is now able to work more collaboratively on opportunities and projects, increasing the speed of response, while also allowing me and other leaders to communicate greater efficiency and effectiveness,” said Colin Strother, Executive Vice President, Rochester Electronics

  • “For example, proactive deal notifications ensure that the team has actionable intelligence at their fingertips, so we can close deals faster and easier,” Strother continued.
  • “Our industry is high-tech and fast-paced, and our customers are already reporting a significant increase in our speed of response, enabling them to better drive their businesses forward. And I’m able to use team metrics to understand what’s happening in real time as I travel globally, allowing me to respond quickly to critical business issues and customer needs,” he concluded.

Slack Sales Elevate is a game changer for our business and our customers.

Colin Strother, Executive Vice President, Rochester Electronics

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