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Awards and Recognition

The Cheddar Awards: Salesforce Chairman and co-CEO Marc Benioff is 2018’s “Most Woke” Business Leader

As part of Cheddar’s first annual Cheddar Awards, the live streaming news outlet named Salesforce Chairman and co-CEO Marc Benioff 2018’s “Most Woke” business leader. A story and video from Cheddar about the award are available here.

“As CEO of San Francisco’s largest employer, resident of the city’s tallest building, and one of its most generous and outspoken philanthropists, Benioff’s influence across San Francisco ? and the nation ? is hard to miss,” writes Cheddar’s Chloe Aiello. “If 2018 was any indication of what’s to come for [Benioff], we can expect he will continue to champion his causes ? homelessness, data privacy, and media ownership ? and speak his mind into the new year.”

Cheddar notes Benioff’s philanthropic efforts, support for San Francisco’s homeless-focused Proposition C and push for improved privacy legislation among his efforts to improve the state of the world.

“He’s here to make the world a better place,” Aiello added.


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