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The Coca-Cola Company CEO Reveals Formula for Success on “The Inflection Point”

headshots of Monica Langley and James Quincey

Quick Take: James Quincey, CEO at The Coca-Cola Company, joined “The Inflection Point,” hosted by Monica Langley, Salesforce EVP, to talk about integrating sustainability into your business strategy, loving what you do, and how The Coca-Cola Company stays relevant 135 years later.

What’s the impact?: How does a household brand stay successful and relevant after 135 years? The Coca-Cola Company CEO James Quincey reveals that the formula for success includes taking risks to reinvent the company for each generation, building longevity through sustainability, and loving yourself, what you do, and the people around you.

What he’s saying:

“Sustainability needs to be intimately integrated into the business strategy…How are we going to make sure that the footprint that we leave as we provide those drinks is as small as it can be?” 

“You got to, in a way, love yourself…And if you can really understand yourself, understand where you want to get to, and really understand the people around you, you can create tremendous things.”

“The more successful you are…the greater the risk of the organization erring towards the status quo, and that’s why we have to push not just risk for risk’s sake, but risk so that we remain relevant for the next generation and relevant for the future.”

Learn More: To see the full interview with James Quincey, watch the latest episode of The Inflection Point here.


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