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The frontlines of digital transformation with Salesforce CIO Jo-ann Olsovsky

The frontlines of digital transformation with Salesforce CIO Jo-ann Olsovsky

Digital transformation pioneers Salesforce CIO
via Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

This summer, MuleSoft kicked off a CIO podcast series on the changing role of IT. In collaboration with Salesforce IT Visionaries, the series will uncover insights from digital transformation pioneers who are driving change in their organizations at a time when connectivity has become a core competency to move faster.

In the first episode, “The Frontlines of Digital Transformation with Salesforce CIO Jo-ann Olsovsky,” MuleSoft CMO Vidya Peters and Jo-ann discuss the evolving relationship between business and IT, how to measure the impact of IT and the biggest technology changes ahead.

At Salesforce, the IT department has been rebranded as “Business Technology” because IT plays such a key role in every aspect of the business. According to Jo-ann, CIOs and IT leaders need to lean into their new role as business enablers: “It is so important for us to find ways to drive efficiencies and innovation and really be change agents throughout all of our organizations.”

In addition, “APIs are huge” for Jo-ann. With most CIOs lacking large budgets in an increasingly complex IT landscape, Jo-ann is turning to the API economy to easily integrate data from a lot of different systems and environments with some of her newer environments. With an API strategy in place, Jo-ann can “increase delivery speed and velocity” by writing once and using many times.

To hear the rest of the conversation, including Joann’s predictions on the promise of blockchain and voice technologies, check out the full episode here.


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