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The New Normal

Tiffani Bova: How Businesses Can Be a Platform for Change as we Emerge From the Pandemic

Tiffani Bova

Our world is changing dynamically and quickly, which has caused people’s perceptions on social issues to evolve. Salesforce is committed to listening to its global stakeholders on major issues impacting the world. 

Salesforce surveyed over 20,000 global general population citizens and launched our Global Stakeholders Series: Future of Work, Now research to uncover our global stakeholders’  perceptions around the state of the world and the future of work as a result of COVD-19. A key insight from the research is around how people trust in businesses to create a better future.

To understand more about how businesses can be a platform for change as they emerge from this pandemic, we sat down with Tiffani Bova, Salesforce’s Global Growth & Innovation Evangelist. Tiffani has been a leader in discussions around the importance of values-driven businesses and a platform for change from the last 5 years. 

Why is it important for businesses to be values-driven as we navigate this pandemic?

84% say income equality is not getting any better. And, 79% say racial equality is not improving. 

Today, people are not only looking at how businesses are responding to this pandemic, but also at the role they play in fixing global social issues.

People trust businesses to create a better future and expect them to play a bigger part in creating a sustainable future and ensuring that there’s equality for all.

If businesses can take a moment to listen to all their stakeholders: their customers, shareholders, employees, communities, and the planet, businesses can align their companies around a set of core values that can make change in the world.

What can companies do to take action to support employees during this uncertain time? 

We’re in a global pandemic where employees are working from anywhere, company’s priorities are rapidly evolving, and jobs are quickly shifting.

Companies need to ensure they not only have the right technology in place to support their employees working from anywhere, but also the right reskilling programs in place to ensure they’re successful now and in the future.

And, 70% say technology should play a major role in that

Companies that are succeeding are ones that are not only saying it, but actually backing it up with actions. They are making significant changes to the way they organize their companies, how they hire, and how they upskill their employees to make sure they’re prepared for what work will look like in the future.

How can businesses balance being values-driven and delivering on the bottom line?

Consumers are making purchasing decisions based not only on a company’s values but the action they take on those values.

Businesses are seeing the impact to the bottom line when they put their values into action. They are able to attract new customers, retain their existing, and ultimately grow their business when they are values-driven.

When businesses focus on their shareholders, employees, communities, the planet and their broader stakeholders, they can be a great platform for change — especially as we navigate this pandemic.

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