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TIME Op-Ed: Marc Benioff and Jad Daley on How One Trillion Trees Can Fight Climate Change


On Friday, TIME published an op-ed piece by Salesforce Chair and CEO Marc Benioff and American Forests CEO Jad Daley that explains why restoring, conserving and growing one trillion trees is one of the most effective ways to slow climate change. The two call on governments, businesses and individuals to join the movement to grow trees, sequester carbon and fight climate change.

“If we are to save our planet—and ourselves—from irreversible climate change, we need to recruit everyone, everywhere in this mission,” the story notes. “Planting one trillion trees won’t be easy. It will depend on all of us taking action in our countries, our companies and our communities.”

“At a time when it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the relentless news of our changing climate, it’s something we have the power to do—right now,” Benioff and Daley report.

Read the full story here.


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