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Salesforce Deepens Commitment to Workforce Development with Reimagined Trailblazer Community, $700,000 Year Up Grant

  • 3 in 5 say Trailblazer Community helped them get a new job or promotion; new features announced today build on that success
  • Salesforce also announced a new $700,000 grant to Year Up to help underrepresented young adults learn tech skills and connect to jobs
  • New Trailblazer Community and Year Up grant create pathways into the tech industry to build a more equitable workforce

Salesforce today announced the reimagined Trailblazer Community – integrating Trailhead, the company’s free learning platform, with its online community into one unified platform. Available now, the new Trailblazer Community offers a single location for anyone to build new skills, learn from peers and experts, and connect to job opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem from anywhere. 

This comes at a time when digital skills are in high demand, but supply is not keeping pace – today nearly nine in ten executives are experiencing or expect to experience a skills gap in their workforce. At the same time, millions of Americans remain out of work, but many don’t have the time or resources to reskill through traditional education.

“During a time of great economic and workforce upheaval, millions of Americans are looking for more secure, stable, and better-paying jobs,” said Rebecca Wettemann, principal analyst at Valoir. “The Trailblazer Community is playing a big role in helping Americans both advance in their careers and find new ones.”

“The path to a great job requires more than just new skills — it requires the support of a community,” said Kris Lande, SVP of Trailblazer Ecosystem, Salesforce. “Technology that enables and fosters those connections virtually is critical. That’s why we’re adding the power of learning into our community — to help people skill up with others and succeed from anywhere.”

Trailblazer Community Feed on desktop and Trailhead GO mobile app

Trailblazers build skills, learn from others, and accelerate career growth from anywhere

In a new Valoir survey of Trailblazer Community members, 3 in 5 participants said the Community helped them get a new job or promotion. And once they’re in a Salesforce related role, 80% say community engagement has helped them deliver success at their company.

By bringing Trailhead into the Trailblazer Community, Salesforce is breaking down silos to make it easier to share knowledge, ask and answer questions, and get guidance on key topics to accelerate learning and career growth from anywhere.

“The Trailblazer Community is a place where people from across the world – and all backgrounds – come together to continually learn and connect, transform their careers, and solve business problems,” said Agile Coach, Salesforce MVP and Trailblazer Ines Garcia. “The Trailblazer Community has had an immeasurable impact on my life, providing me and millions of others with the necessary tools and support to learn new skills for the future.”  

Introducing the Reimagined Trailblazer Community

New Trailblazer Community features include:

  • Today Page: A personalized homepage that brings the Trailblazer Community feed, in-progress learning and recommended Trailhead modules into one destination.
  • Learning Panel: Surfaces relevant Trailhead learning content in the flow of community interactions on the Topics and Questions pages, by suggesting learning modules that match your conversations and questions.
  • Community in Trailhead GO: Brings the Trailblazer Community to mobile through Trailhead GO, Trailhead’s free mobile app. Members will be able to post questions to the Community to get answers quickly and access direct messages to connect with Trailblazers from anywhere.
New Today Page is a personalized homepage integrating relevant learning and community content.

Year Up grant opens doors of opportunity 

As part of Salesforce’s continued commitment to closing the opportunity gap for young people, the company also announced a new $700,000 grant to non-profit and long-time partner Year Up. This brings Salesforce’s total financial support to the nonprofit to more than $9.2 million and the company’s total workforce development grants to $30 million.

This grant will support Year Up’s work to train and place young adults facing barriers to accessing high wage, high-demand careers, and to support employers in meeting their talent needs. Salesforce’s commitment extends beyond grants – the company has hosted nearly 700 Year Up interns across the United States, and partners with Year Up to develop an ongoing talent pipeline for the Salesforce ecosystem. 

More Information

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