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Awards and Recognition

Ventana Research Names Salesforce Einstein Voice and Einstein Analytics Pioneers in Digital Innovation

Salesforce is proud to be awarded Ventana Research 2018 Digital Innovation Awards in two categories. Einstein Voice was chosen as the Overall Digital Innovation Award Winner, and Einstein Analytics was named as the winner in the Analytics category.

The Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards recognize vendors pioneering new technology innovations and advancements in their respective markets, driving change and increasing value for organizations around the world. Award winners are selected not only for their innovative approach to technology, but also how it applies to people, processes, information, best practices, and business

Einstein Voice is honored with the most prestigious award, Overall Digital Innovation, for the technology that best exemplifies overall innovation and change. Einstein Voice, which launched ahead of Dreamforce 2018, brings the convenience of voice technology to Salesforce with Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots. Customers can verbally dictate a memo, such as a meeting recap, from which Einstein Voice Assistant then transcribes, extracts and normalizes the inputs to match required field formats in order to update relevant Salesforce records. With Einstein Voice Bots, admins can build customer-facing AI voice bots that are connected to Salesforce, giving them the ability to deliver more engaging, branded experiences.

Members of Salesforce's Analytics team seen in a demo at Dreamforce 2018.

“Digital Innovation is essential to help organizations not just transform but thrive and introduce ways to have breakthrough performance,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research, “Congratulations to Salesforce for winning the 2018 Overall Digital Innovation Award for the Salesforce Einstein Voice that brings intelligence to the conversational experience in the human interactions with its business applications and analytics.”

Einstein Analytics prevailed as the winner in the Analytics category,which honors the technology that best exemplifies innovation in use or application of analytics across business and/or IT. The latest offering, Einstein Analytics Plus, provides a complete AI-powered analytics platform for internal Salesforce data as well as external data brought into the system. Intelligence is infused across the stack from data to insights, beginning with machine learning at the data prep stage, helping to build a story from your data and visualize it. Natural language processing and generation interpret questions about the data and give every business user predictions on what may happen and prescriptive recommendations on what action to take next.

“Our research shows organizations are struggling to deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said David Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research. “More than 45 percent have limited expertise or no knowledge of how to apply machine learning in their analytic processes. Salesforce Einstein Analytics makes it easy for organizations to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in their CRM processes.”

Ventana Research’s full announcement is available here.


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