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Digital Transformation

Salesforce Web3 Advisory Board Guides on Trust, Ethics, and Insights

Web3 Board

Today, Salesforce introduced its Web3 Advisory Board, a select group of technology leaders and innovators from across industries and disciplines, who provide guidance on how Salesforce can help its customers enter the world of Web3 in a trusted, responsible, and sustainable way.

Why it’s important: Web3 has tremendous potential to elevate and deepen customer relationships across both the physical and digital world. 

  • However, 46% of marketers don’t currently have a Web3 strategy, according to Salesforce’s recent State of Marketing report.
  • Salesforce is working with trusted industry experts as it identifies Web3 opportunities and builds product and marketing roadmaps for its customers.

Driving the news: The board is composed of executives from leading brands, partners, and Web3 luminaries who partner with Salesforce to share insights and best practices, inform Trailhead courses, and provide strategic guidance on how to enter this emerging space. The board totals 24 members — each bringing their own opinion and unique point-of-view on Web3 strategy — including CEOs and Web3 executives such as:

The Salesforce perspective:

Web3 opens up the doors to a new era of brand and consumer relationships. Tapping into its potential requires a new way of thinking and approaching business problems, and we have assembled an amazing board to help guide us on this journey

Marc Mathieu, Salesforce SVP of Strategic Customer Transformation & Innovation and Web3 Studio co-founder

Comments on the news: Members of the advisory board today shared additional details about the effort. 

  • “It’s impressive to look around the table and see such a diverse set of industry leaders. There are ethics experts, sustainability experts, heads of industry, and some of the most notable names in the business. It’s a powerful group and amazing how Salesforce has assembled them together in this way,” said Sandra Ro, CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council. 
  • “This board is a clear signal that Salesforce understands the importance of Web3, and what customers need to thrive in this new era. I’m excited to be on this board, along with so many other amazing leaders helping drive the next wave of innovation with Salesforce,” said Keith Grossman, President, TIME.

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