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Welcome The CMO Club to the Salesforce Family

Today I am excited to announce that Salesforce has acquired The CMO Club and we are welcoming founder and CEO Pete Krainik and the entire The CMO Club community to the Salesforce family. The CMO Club is the world’s most innovative and engaged member based community of CMOs and progressive marketing leaders, with more than 30 global chapters and 650+ members from leading global brands.

Salesforce welcoming The CMO Club and its members is a testament to our shared values of customer success and the power of community. We are committed to advancing The CMO Club’s core mission of fostering deep relationships and peer-to-peer problem solving for CMOs and marketing leaders.

Together, Salesforce and The CMO Club will provide best in class global community, digital platform, programs and events for marketers to connect and be inspired like never before. Existing members can expect the same levels of independence and openness The CMO Club has been known for since its inception.

For those who have considered joining but are not yet a member, we invite you to join us.


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