Click, create, and ship from anywhere with low code.

Click, create, and ship from anywhere with low code.


Transform the app development process to deliver value to the business faster.

The Salesforce Platform helps companies to quickly develop apps for their customers, partners and employees. Give every team the power to create engaging and personalised digital experiences. Make it easy to use clicks and code with responsive, customisable components and services. Foster collaboration on any device using tools that work together with a unified governance model. And help everyone in your organisation learn new skills to help your business, and their careers, grow.

When work flows, innovation grows.

There’s no need for code. Work faster with clicks to build integrated workflows in Slack. Then watch them execute complex processes on the Salesforce Platform. It’s the automation dream team.
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Discover low-code tools to optimise workflows and increase productivity.

Reimagine how your teams work with point-and-click tools to automate any workflow or optimise an existing process. Leverage AI to create insight-driven apps that are connected to your Salesforce data. Then, apply intelligent answers, explanations, and recommendations to boost growth and productivity with AI-powered automation.

Secure and manage your data so you can build better experiences.

Security. Privacy. Compliance. It’s on our minds, too. That’s why we created the tools you need to protect sensitive data — all on the #1 trusted platform.

With the Salesforce Platform, you can build secure apps, manage privacy, and keep data compliant. You can protect, encrypt, monitor, and retain sensitive data with both built-in security as well as enhanced security tools so that your apps are always secure.

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