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World Tour Essentials Singapore: Transform Your Customer Experiences with the #1 AI CRM

Over a day of world-class learning and connection, you’ll discover why AI has changed every industry forever and how the #1 AI CRM can transform your customer experiences and business in a whole new way.

We’re living in a pivotal era where digital transformation is not just an option but a necessity. Salesforce continues to pave the way for AI innovation, bringing together CRM with trusted AI and data on one integrated platform, so our customers are prepared to lead in the AI revolution. 

World Tour Essentials Singapore will help you unlock your AI potential with the transformative capabilities of our latest Data Cloud and Einstein innovations. Register and join us on Wednesday 8 May, 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre to learn from customer Trailblazers, visionary AI experts and thought leaders. Read on to catch a glimpse of the sessions you can see.

Immerse yourself in AI innovation at World Tour Essentials Singapore

Wednesday, 8 May
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre
8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. SGT

Everyone’s an Einstein with CRM + AI + Data + Trust

At the heart of World Tour Essentials Singapore is our main keynote session featuring the inspiring Trailblazer FairPrice Group. Here, we’ll unveil how Salesforce is revolutionising CRM by integrating it with AI, data, and trust. This session will not only provide insights into our latest AI innovations but also demonstrate how these technologies are accessible to all – empowering every business to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Stick around after the keynote for the ‘Unlock All of Your Trapped Data with Data Cloud’ session to learn how Data Cloud is designed to enhance, not replace, systems like data warehouses and data lakes, and how it helps solve for the “last mile” of data activation. 

Explore the full agenda here and mark your calendar. 

AI for Everyone: From Sales to Service to Marketing

Dive into the transformative power of AI across all business functions with our comprehensive session lineup. Discover how AI is reshaping sales with smarter insights for lead scoring and customer engagement, transforming service by predicting customer needs and automating responses, and helping marketing teams personalise interactions and craft powerful campaigns at scale.

Featured sessions will include case studies from leading organisations including Philippine Airlines and Siam Commercial Bank, showcasing their AI success stories and helping you build a business case for AI in your sector. 

Here are some of the industry-specific sessions that you won’t want to miss: 

Salesforce for Financial Services: Empower Customer Success

Learn how to leverage the #1 Trusted AI CRM to unlock financial insights that deliver better outcomes, responsibly, for your clients, members, and policyholders. Hear from Siam Commercial Bank on how they’re embracing digital transformation to deliver personalised customer experiences.

Revolutionise Marketing Excellence with Marketing Cloud and AI

Learn about the latest innovations in Marketing Cloud and how to harness the power of AI. Hear our customer Trailblazer discuss how to deliver personalised experiences and drive business growth with data and AI. 

The Future of Sales: Supercharge Selling with Trusted AI

Are you looking for the smartest path forward in today’s fast-changing environment? AI can give sellers superpowers to drive efficient growth. Join us to learn how your entire sales organisation can boost productivity, leverage data, and increase revenue with the #1 AI CRM for sales.

Reimagine Service with Trusted AI

Learn how to activate AI to scale service, increase team productivity and save costs using the #1 AI platform for service. And hear from Trailblazer Mark Anthony Munsayac, Head of Customer Experience at Philippine Airlines on how they are redefining customer service and engagement with Salesforce.

Trailblazers Who Are Blazing Ahead with AI

Hear from inspiring Trailblazers like FairPrice Group, Siam Commercial Bank, Philippine Airlines, and Grab, and see how they’ve successfully integrated Salesforce’s AI-powered CRM into their operations. Their stories will provide a blueprint for transforming your business with AI and help you understand the tangible benefits of CRM + Data + AI + Trust. 

Notably, the ‘Transform How Your Teams Get Work Done with the Einstein 1 Platform in Slack’ session with Southeast Asian super-app company Grab will showcase how it has increased productivity by bringing its operations into the place where its Grabbers work – Slack. Attend this session in the keynote room and see how Slack can empower your teams, putting customer data and insights at their fingertips.

Putting AI in the Hands of Everyone with Slack

With a full day of sessions and demos at the Slack Theatre, you can see all the ways Salesforce is making AI more accessible than ever with Slack. Slack puts AI tools directly into the flow of work, where real-time data and insights can lead to immediate and impactful decisions.

Sessions will demonstrate how integrating Salesforce with Slack allows teams to act quickly, collaborate efficiently, and leverage AI-driven data without ever leaving the platform where they work.

Make sure you review the agenda and mark your calendar to attend sessions including:

  • Put AI into the Hands of Everyone with Slack AI
  • Bring Your CRM Data Right into the Flow of Work with Sales Cloud and Slack
  • Discover How Automation Can Transform Your Work with Slack
  • Delight Customers and Drive Service Team Efficiency with Slack
  • Super Demo: Unlock Sales Productivity with Team Selling in Slack

Find your solutions at World Tour Essentials Singapore

Dive into the world of AI in every industry, role and workflow.

Explore the Latest in AI-Powered CRM at World Tour Essentials Singapore

As the digital landscape continues to evolve it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies at your fingertips. At World Tour Essentials Singapore, you’ll discover how integrating AI with CRM is not just enhancing business processes but is also essential for driving growth and maintaining a competitive edge.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see firsthand how you can transform your customer experiences with trusted AI. Register to attend World Tour Essentials Singapore, Wednesday 8 May at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre and propel your business forward with CRM + AI + Data + Trust. 

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