L'hotel Group

Generosity is in our brand DNA and that translates to giving customers something extra when it comes to service and providing a bespoke luxury experience for all. Salesforce helps us deliver this experience both online and off.”

Sylvia Chung | Deputy Managing Director

L’hotel Group provides bespoke luxury using Salesforce

L'hotel Group offers customers the perfect mix of hospitality, comfort and style. It currently owns and/or manages seven hotel properties and serviced apartments comprising a total of over 2,800 guestrooms in all of Hong Kong's major districts and plans to expand locally and internationally. These plans are backed by L’hotel Group’s parent company Chinachem Group, a leading property developer in Hong Kong which is well known for its charitable activities and contribution to the community.

“Generosity is in our brand DNA and that translates to giving customers something extra when it comes to service and providing a bespoke luxury experience for all,” said Sylvia Chung, Deputy Managing Director of L'hotel Group. “Salesforce helps us deliver this experience both online and off.”

Increasing customer engagement

To offer a truly bespoke experience, L’hotel Group needed a solution that would allow it to centralise its customer data and use it to tailor service and communication to our guests. L’hotel Group chose Salesforce because of its strong customer engagement capabilities and its values were closely aligned to the Group’s own.

“Much like Salesforce, the Chinachem Group focus on creating a better tomorrow for ourselves, our partners and the communities we serve,” said Chung. “This alignment, together with all of the customer engagement capabilities built into its platform, made Salesforce our ideal partner.”

L’hotel Group engaged PwC for a successful rollout, and is now using Salesforce to go the extra mile and provide customers a much more personalised experience. Service Cloud provides a comprehensive view of each customer, including a history of their interactions with the group and whether they typically travel with family or on business. L’hotel Group can use this information to design, develop and measure all future marketing campaigns. It can also segment the data to personalise campaigns and journeys in Marketing Cloud.

These campaigns are much more sophisticated and dynamic than the email blasts sent in the past and include offers for bespoke experiences like cooking classes. It is now much easier for L’hotel Group to measure the impact of campaigns and use those insights to drive even more relevant communication. After the first campaign launched, there was a significant improvement in open rates from 13.11% to 17.46% and increased click-through rate from 0.37% to 1.67%. L’hotel Group foresee a continuous growth of the open rate, click-through and click-to-open-rate in upcoming campaigns with better understanding of customer behaviours and preferences.

“In the past, we sent very standard emails promoting rooms and rates. Now, marketing is much more personalised and dynamic; journeys and campaigns are based on what we know about our customers,” said Jack Tam, Group Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation at L’hotel Group. “The ease of building and sending campaigns in Marketing Cloud also saves us a lot of time.”

Unlocking new value

L’hotel Group is now driving personalisation across other channels of communication by using Lightning Platform to integrate Salesforce with applications like WeChat and Google Ads. It also plans to unlock more value from Salesforce by using it to expand and enhance its member loyalty program and provide these customers with exclusive offers and more tailored service.

The ultimate goal for the brand and the wider Chinachem Group is to have a single view of customers that stretches across its different properties that helps it to drive loyalty and increase cross-sell opportunities. This single customer view would include approved data from an app used by customers to access store information and WiFi in the Chinachem Group's shopping malls.

"Our vision is to have a complete view of customers and all their interactions with the Chinachem Group; whether they are staying at one of our hotels, visiting one of our shopping malls, or involved with one of our charities," said Chung. “Salesforce has been very proactive in guiding our success and will play an important role in helping us gain new insights from that data to improve the effectiveness of our campaigns and enhance the customer experience.”


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