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We see ourselves as early adopters of the world’s best technology, and that is why we partnered with Salesforce. In order to really add value to our customers with Salesforce, we also wanted to be using it in our own business.”

Rameshwar Vyas | CEO, Ranosys Technologies

Ranosys Technologies has built a single source of truth with Salesforce

As a Salesforce deployment partner, Ranosys Technologies helps its clients leverage the benefits of digital transformation. Now the company is using its own internal Salesforce deployment as a powerful use case.

Ranosys Technologies is on a global mission to provide new age IT solutions that help its clients put their customers at the centre of everything they do.

The software development company has built a worldwide reputation for its scalable, reliable and affordable eCommerce, digital transformation and software product engineering solutions.

Headquartered in Singapore, Ranosys Technologies has offices in the US, UK, UAE, and three delivery centres in India. Since 2008, the company has built an impressive global client base that includes major brands such as Shell, Charles & Keith, The Body Shop, Nespresso, Singapore Post and ComfortDelGro.

As a Salesforce partner, the company is helping support its clients’ digital transformation with expert Salesforce consulting, development, implementation and support. But Ranosys Technologies doesn’t just help its clients leverage the benefits of Salesforce. The company is also driving its own global growth with an internal Salesforce deployment.

“We see ourselves as early adopters of the world’s best technology, and that is why we partnered with Salesforce,” says Rameshwar Vyas, CEO of Ranosys Technologies. “In order to really add value to our customers with Salesforce, we also wanted to be using it in our own business. This enables us to present ourselves as a use case to our customers.”

Building a single source of truth

Vyas says the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive: “We show them a demo of how we’re using Salesforce and they get very excited. They value our advice because they know we are using the system too.”

The benefits of the company’s own Salesforce usage extends beyond building trust with customers. Vyas and his team replaced their legacy CRM with Sales Cloud, and have built a range of apps on the Customer 360 Platform.

“When we migrated from the old CRM to Sales Cloud, we started to get more insights and realised that Salesforce is way more than a CRM,” he says. “Managing workflows was problematic with our old CRM, and we had no analytics dashboards so visibility was limited.”

That changed with Salesforce. Since the deployment, Vyas and his team have built a series of apps including a recruitment management system, a workforce management system, and a payroll management system. Analytics from each system are viewed on dashboards on a central platform Vyas and his team built on Salesforce and named Ranosys Pulse.

“In very little time, Pulse has become the beating heart of all internal collaborations,” adds Maurizio Stella, Director of Commerce at Ranosys Technologies. “It is a single source of truth that allows the broader international team to remain aligned at all times. It enables collaboration on tasks from the very early stages of client acquisition, to delivery and into the long-term client retention phase. The work done on Pulse is not seen as ‘admin’ work. Rather, it’s perceived as the enabler of efficient and effective team work.”

For Valencis Lo, UI/ UX Lead at Ranosys Technologies, the Pulse dashboard has become a one-stop shop: “I start my day with the Dashboard view for key updates like announcements or action items, and instantly know what the day looks like. There is Chatter for the modules I need it for, and the collaboration is fun and interactive. It’s like my smart assistant that reminds me on time, and I can submit support tickets, claims, and leave via my mobile phone too.”


We used to generate reports monthly or quarterly, but there’s no need for that with Salesforce. Anyone who wants to check on the pulse of the company can see the data they need at any time.”

Rameshwar Vyas | CEO, Ranosys Technologies

Driving efficiency across the organisation

Vyas says the results have been impressive across the company.

“The recruitment management system has increased HR efficiency between 30 and 40 per cent. It enables the HR team to better shortlist candidates and has improved engagement through the entire recruitment cycle.”

This has been achieved through automating the hiring workflow with centralised and controlled access to information like job description files, interview panel availabilities, and Chatter updates regarding candidate discussions and panellist assessments.

The Hiring Dashboard also provides real-time visibility and analysis into priority versus hiring efforts so there is no misalignment or gap in information transfer. Smart system alerts are based on salary bands for different hiring tracks or overall practice-specific budgets, and a talent CRM maintains key touchpoints with the talent pool.

Vyas explains that employee onboarding is also done completely through Salesforce. This makes compliance across countries much easier to manage: “We now have one seamless onboarding system across the globe. The HR team simply follows the particular country route with one click.”

Pulse has also had a positive impact on employee development. Mala Lahiri, Head, Learning & Development at Ranosys Technologies explains: “Pulse gives a wonderful visibility of employees’ Skills Matrix. Management is always aligned with employees’ learning paths based on their training needs and existing skill level data, and can plan more effectively.

“The visible training calendar keeps learning spirit and excitement high, registrations are quicker, and the sessions are more successful. We can all continue to learn and improve based on assessments and session feedback analysis, all in one place.”

The workforce management system has improved resource allocation and has reduced bench cost by almost 60 per cent.

“The workforce management app gives me a fantastic birds-eye view of data regarding employee availability, utilisation and technology portfolio in parallel with the resource demands from sales or other business units,” says Harshal Mahalle, Workforce Manager at Ranosys Technologies.

“I can manage internal and external hires easily. Instead of working on manual data analysis, I am more efficient and now focus towards proactive solutions and suggestions to business teams in optimising the resource pool, and also working towards upskilling our workforce.”

The payroll management system has also increased back-end efficiency. Prior to the Salesforce deployment, payroll was a seven-day process for a team of three. Now it takes one person a single day.

“Finance requires so many checks in place and there is hardly any room for error. Pulse has automated workflows for me such that from an opportunity win to invoices and forecasts, everything can be tracked and alerted with specified triggers,” explains Farhat Husain, Finance Manager at Ranosys Technologies. “Setting and achieving financial goals is made simpler, and informed decisions based on proper risk assessment and DAR can be made with predictive analysis.”

Ashish Anand Solanki, Delivery Unit Head at Ranosys Technologies, adds that Pulse gives him the ability to deep dive into project progress with ease. “My DU Dashboard provides a holistic insight of my DU KPIs, and enables me to zoom into finer details of project profitability, resources utilisation, customer surveys with touchpoints, and team training or certifications. I am so much more productive with Pulse.”

Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic

Vyas says Pulse also helped the company through the most difficult days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We only had three to four days notice that everyone needed to be working from home. The fact that Pulse and all our dashboards can be accessed remotely in the cloud became even more important,” he explains. “And with Salesforce, we can build things very quickly with limited code. That gives us the agility we need to move fast during challenging times.”

This speed was particularly important as work-from-home mandates started creating the need for new workflows.

“Changing the processes in very little time was a key challenge,” Vyas explains. “But with the low-code capability of Salesforce, we were able to improve a lot of the processes and workflows.”

Vyas adds that Salesforce enabled the management team to make critical decisions throughout the pandemic with fast and accurate reporting: “Salesforce’s ability to create reports and dashboards for any stakeholder really helped us during this difficult time.”

This limited the impact on the company’s clients and kept productivity high, even when affected employees had to take urgent leave.

“Pulse helped us identify relevant backup resources as quickly as possible,” says Vyas. “Our sales team could continue to meet flexible engagements with customers, and proper tracking and logging of all the communications and touch points gave customers and prospects a happy experience.

“Our marketing team also played a critical role during Covid-19. Salesforce enabled them to reach out to segmented customers with the right medium, at the right time.”

Facing the challenges of the future

Future-proofing is something Vyas takes very seriously. He has taken some important lessons from the pandemic that he is using to prepare the company for future challenges.

“The biggest lesson learnt during Covid-19 is that you really need a quick and robust adaptation to change,” he says. “From attracting the prospect to delivering the project, every process had to change significantly during the pandemic. To be future-proof, you must have a robust yet flexible system that provides a single source of truth to drive key business decisions.”

Vyas also believes employee engagement is crucial for the future of the business. That’s why the company has a dedicated Practice and Solutions team that focuses on building new capabilities and upskilling employees for jobs of the future.

“We believe developing employees is very important,” he says. “There are currently 37 people in our Practice and Solutions team. And we work with senior strategy consultants whose focus is to prepare us for the next biggest challenge, and to find ways to take our people to the next step.”

As the company faces the future, Vyas says that diversifying the company’s service capabilities will be key to driving its global growth.

“We intend to keep growing globally,” he says. “Our goal is to build the company up to 10,000 people, but we want to remain a service focused company. Our partnership with Salesforce will continue to be central to achieving this goal as we take what we’ve learned to help improve our customers’ businesses.”


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