Dreaming of becoming a Trailhead Ranger? Director Trailhead Evangelism Megan Petersen shares her advice and tips on achieving Ranger status. It’s more attainable than you think. 

Salesforce’s online learning platform Trailhead has long been loved for its bite-sized content, badges and points. It’s gamified learning at its best, on a platform that anyone can use to build their skills. Trailhead is full of opportunities to ‘level-up’ – Trailhead Ranger is the highest rank. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from zero or already have 50 badges, becoming a Ranger over the holidays is a fun way to learn, gain new skills and even help educate others.

To become a Ranger you need to earn 100 badges and 50,000 points. It’s no easy task and not something you should try to do in a day or a week – the point is to learn and embed the knowledge gained, not simply to earn points and badges. But if you’re keen to equip yourself with skills for in-demand jobs over the holidays, make time for learning and plan your path. The #RoadToRanger program will help get you there.

#RoadToRanger: The Trailhead Trailmixes that will help you level up 


If you’re after a tried-and-true way to achieve Ranger status, the #RoadToRanger program is the best place to start. 


The #RoadToRanger program is three trailmixes (like learning playlists) with the perfect blend of badges and points to take the guesswork out of how to reach Ranger status.

  • Trailmix 1 — Get started with the basics about Trailhead, Salesforce and important guiding principles.

  • Trailmix 2 — Take a look at technology.

  • Trailmix 3 — Get hands-on and earn points.

Complete these and Ranger status will be yours ‒ I’ve done the maths!   

Saying that, if you’re interested in certain topics or focused on certain roles I highly recommend you choose your own adventure. You can narrow your Trailhead search by applying filters based on roles, products and your learning level. Or if you know exactly what you’re looking for, type a relevant word into the search bar to find suitable Trailhead content.


Getting motivated for self learning 


With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, the workforce is continually changing. Which means we should be continually learning. The end of the year is the perfect chance to take stock ‒ did you achieve your goals, are you happy doing what you’re doing, what do you want for the coming year? Taking the time to align learning to future aspirations means they’re no longer dreams but achievable goals.  


Slow and steady always wins


The key thing to remember is that it’s not a race. While the holidays provide a great opportunity to learn without the distraction of work, you want to make sure you’re retaining what you’re learning. After all, it’s the holidays and you want to be spending it with family and friends. 

If you find yourself fading or losing motivation in the face of a tough module, don’t give up! Step away and do something you’re good at. Your positive mindset will quickly return and you’ll be much more motivated to tackle a module or unit you’re struggling with. 

Aim for a mixture of fun and informative content, such as the Camp B Well Trail, as well as the more product-focused Trails like Building Apex Coding Skills, to keep your mind engaged.  


The benefits of becoming a Trailhead Ranger 


Taking the initiative to build skills shows you’re committed to self-improvement and giving back to the business model ‒  a great attribute in any employee. That’s part of why 25% of Trailblazers find a new job, and even more score raises and promotions! 

But the biggest benefit is to you and your ability to continuously learn. By the time you hit Ranger status you’ve created a new, useful habit that makes learning part of your everyday life ‒ some people even use it as a reference tool. And if you’ve ever thought of becoming a Salesforce administrator, architect or developer, a business analyst or consultant, or to build a career in sales, service or marketing, whatever your role, earning Trailhead Ranger status empowers you to develop the in-demand skills that lead to top jobs, paves the way for your certification journey and enables you to help others along the way.

That Trailhead Ranger feeling


Wondering what it feels like to finally reach Ranger status? I’ll leave it to the experts to explain. 









To make learning even easier these holidays Trailhead now has its own app – Trailhead GO

Trailhead GO is a great new way to skill up for the future by learning on-the-go, and you can install it for free on your iOS device today. With access to more than 700 badges covering business, technical and soft skills, you can now unlock a world of career opportunities both within the Salesforce ecosystem and beyond, wherever you are.

Ready to start your Road to Ranger journey? Sign up to Trailhead, complete the #RoadToRanger quest and install Trailhead GO for free on your iOS and iPadOS devices.