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World Tour Sydney Is Coming — This Small Business Leader Says It’s Not to Be Missed

With over 140 sessions, live demos, and more, Salesforce World Tour Sydney helps businesses find new ways to save time, lower costs, and drive growth. Paul Frasca, Co-founder, Sustainable Salons shares tips on how small business leaders and their teams can make the most of this live event.

As founder of profit-for-purpose organisation Sustainable Salons, I am always looking for ways to maximise our impact and divert more salon waste away from landfill. A great place to find solutions and inspiration to dream big is Salesforce World Tour Sydney

The next World Tour Sydney takes place on Wednesday, 28 February 2024. Whether you’re just considering the need for a small business CRM or have been a Salesforce customer for years, this is an event you won’t want to miss. 

Of course time is scarce for small businesses and it’s important to make the most of every moment. To help, here are my tips on what to expect at World Tour Sydney and how to get the most value from the day.

Access talent and knowledge to grow your small business

Whenever I attend a conference or expo, I go in with a clear purpose. For last year’s World Tour Sydney, it was to find new talent. 

We were hiring for a number of strategic roles and wanted to find people who could hit the ground running and show us more of what Salesforce could do. World Tour Sydney provides an epicentre to find and connect with experienced talent.

This year, my team is also on the hunt for knowledge and solutions that will help us with our current priorities. They are already mapping out the sessions they plan to attend and booking in time to meet with product experts. I’d encourage everyone to do the same. There’s a lot happening at the event so mapping out your schedule beforehand will help you stay on track.

The more targeted you are about what you want to achieve, and the more you plan your day, the more you’ll get out of the event. 

Must attend sessions

Small Business Keynote: Success Tips to Help SMBs Find, Win, Keep Customers 
Learn how Salesforce increases the impact of your sales, service and marketing teams.

Move Beyond Sales Basics and Grow with Automation and AI
Once data fundamentals are in place, automation and AI can help growing companies increase revenue faster and more efficiently.

Practical Service AI Use Cases for Any Business
Discover practical use cases that can jumpstart your service teams and identify the steps to get started.

Fueling Growth: The Impact of Data-Driven Marketing
Find out how Marketing Cloud and Data cloud helps small teams drive big impact.

Get inspired and find solutions to your latest challenges

Many small businesses know they need a CRM, but they don’t know exactly what it can do for them. The capabilities of Salesforce and its partner ecosystem is also incredibly broad and deep.

World Tour Sydney is a great place to learn more about this. There is a dedicated campground for small business leaders and teams which includes an ESMB Theatre where you can watch live demos that you can relate to and find solutions to your latest challenges. 

You can also find inspiration on what to do next. As a founder, I typically spend about 20% of my time at these events looking for inspiration and getting an update on the company’s vision and product roadmap. I want to know the direction our partners are headed and that they share our values around sustainability

This year, I know many will be looking for inspiration around AI. Everyone is talking about it and it is at these events that we get to learn more and discover new use cases for cutting-edge technologies like AI. 

AI has the potential to unlock productivity and growth, but many small businesses don’t know where to start. World Tour Sydney can provide that roadmap. At World Tour Sydney you can hear how small businesses like PaySauce and MadeComfy got started and see first-hand how AI could shape your business.

Adrian Towsey
Area Vice President – Small, Medium & Growth Businesses, Salesforce
Paul Frasca Founder, Sustainable Salons More by Paul

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