Salesforce is like the heart of PaySauce in that it connects us and allows us to work cohesively around a shared view of the customer and that’s invaluable for a small business like ours.”

Marie-Claire Andrews, Head of Sales & Marketing | PaySauce

PaySauce unites teams on Salesforce for more seamless growth

PaySauce’s mission is to be the straight up provider of effortless solutions for people at work. The business helps customers manage the human side of operations, including contracts, digital timesheets, and payroll. 

Founded in New Zealand, PaySauce expanded into Australia and the Pacific Islands through the acquisition of SmoothPay in 2021. The business has ambitious plans to grow further while maintaining a genuine connection with customers. 

“We are known for being approachable and authentic and we want to maintain that genuine connection with customers even as we bring on two or three times more,” said Marie-Claire Andrews, Head of Sales & Marketing, PaySauce.

PaySauce’s move to Salesforce Customer 360 has helped the business to keep customers at the centre of its business while driving 87% year-on-year growth.

Moving from startup to scale-up

PaySauce has been obsessed about the customer experience from day one. However, as the business grew, it had to work harder and harder to maintain the level of service customers had come to love.

“One of our goals at PaySauce is to enable a frictionless relationship between employers and employees, yet our own operations were not seamless. We had really great people working long hours to hold everything together,” said Andrews.

One of the challenges PaySauce faced was that different teams used different systems. This led to a lack of transparency and created friction in processes like onboarding. The business knew it needed to take action and a timely call from Salesforce contributed to the decision to bring everyone onto one platform.

Salesforce now serves as a central source of truth for PaySauce, providing a complete view of customers as well as increased transparency of information such as volume of leads and rate of conversion. The platform also helps teams work more cohesively to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Customer support can now see a history of every customer interaction, allowing them to personalise conversations with customers and smooth processes like onboarding.

“In the past, the customer support team would be presented with a new customer to onboard and not know how they had arrived at the decision to sign up with PaySauce. Now, they can see the customer’s entire journey, including their conversations with the sales team and it makes a huge difference,” said Rachel Marsland, Senior Operations Manager at PaySauce.

Teams also have everything they need at their fingertips to work smarter and focus on what really matters. For the sales team, this includes streamlined processes for lead and opportunity management supported by Sales Cloud.  For example, engagement journeys built in Account Engagement link to leads and campaigns in Salesforce, allowing for quick and effortless follow-up after demos and events.

Service Cloud integrates with PaySauce’s contact centre solution so the customer support team knows who is calling before they even pick up the phone. They are also supported with a Salesforce Knowledge base of answers to frequently asked questions.

Launched externally, the knowledge base was accessed by 1,800 customers in its first eight weeks, pointing to customers’ willingness to self-serve. PaySauce plans to make the most of this opportunity through chatbots and automated email responses in the future.

“We can’t simply scale by bringing in more people to answer the phones. The knowledge base provides customers with an alternative and allows us to start seeding the concept of self-service,” said Andrews.

Accelerating engagement

PaySauce has brought on Account Engagement to automate and scale communications. In the past, something as simple as sending a newsletter involved manually manipulating spreadsheets and there was no central visibility of what information customers received.

The business can now easily segment lists to send more targeted communication and has started to build out automations and journeys. The open rate of newsletters has also increased from 37% to 52%.

PaySauce plans to consolidate event management and follow-up using Account Engagement in the future which will create additional efficiencies for both marketing and sales.

Building a collaborative and innovative workspace

PaySauce’s ambitious nature led it to implement Salesforce at one of its busiest times of year. Due to the timing, the business focused on solving the most pressing challenges first and then built a pipeline of enhancements. They range from simple things like refining reporting to plans for omni-channel service with live chat and chatbots.

Leveraging resources like Trailhead and the Salesforce administrator course, PaySauce carried out a large part of the implementation and has taken a proactive role in delivering enhancements. The business has also partnered with Sleeq Consulting for support with specific projects like turning on SMS.

SMS is currently used for sales and service communications, including check-ins before training sessions to confirm customers are okay to proceed and follow-ups to voicemails to ask customers to confirm a convenient time to talk.

Slack, the channel-based messaging platform, helps PaySauce collaborate across its dispersed team and is the business’ preferred communications channel. Slack integrates with applications like Jira and Google Calendar. Next steps are to integrate leads and cases from Sales Cloud as well as PaySauce’s own solution to centralise and streamline workflow.

“By triaging and managing support queues in Slack, we will be able to better prioritise and ensure that the right people are looking at the right things at the right time,” said Marsland.

This next step more broadly reflects PaySauce’s commitment to unifying the small business and aligning the teams around customer needs.

“Salesforce is like the heart of PaySauce in that it connects us and allows us to work cohesively around a shared view of the customer and that’s invaluable for a small business like ours,” said Andrews.


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