Drive costs down and loyalty up.

With Customer 360 for retail, you can unite your teams around every shopper to engage loyal customers, create compelling commerce experiences, and deliver consistent service at every moment.

Connect marketing, commerce, service, and IT data on one unified, intelligent platform.

Unite teams around a 360-degree view of every customer at every touchpoint on their journey. Deliver personalised experiences your customers expect and build lifetime loyalty.

Engage customers, earn loyalty, and empower associates.

Unlock collaboration between marketing, commerce, service, and IT teams on a single, integrated platform. Transform your retail business fast to meet the needs of today’s shoppers and employees.

True Alliance brings shoppers and brands closer together.

See how True Alliance uses Salesforce to create a sophisticated digital strategy that helps brands connect with shoppers in entirely new ways.

Make strategic decisions all year long with key learnings from holiday 2021.

Access key insights based on proprietary data from over a billion global shoppers.

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