New Checkout Launches a New Era in Enterprise Cloud Computing, Making Buying and Selling Applications Dramatically Easier

For the first time, customers have a single source for trying, buying and deploying native applications 

Together, the platform, AppExchange and Checkout offer a comprehensive set of services for developers and partners to build and sell native applications with unprecedented ease and speed

Partner applications spanning recruiting, accounting, supply-chain management, ERP and more now available through Checkout

NEW YORK - Cloudforce - December 8, 2008 - [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing company, today unveiled Checkout, a new set of services to accelerate customer and partner success with buying and selling enterprise cloud computing applications. Customers can use Checkout as a single source for finding, trying, buying and deploying applications and partner-built applications via the AppExchange. Together, the platform, AppExchange and Checkout offers a comprehensive set of services for developers and partners to build and sell native applications with unprecedented ease and speed.

"Cloud computing democratizes access to powerful enterprise applications by making them radically easier to try, buy and install," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO. " Checkout gives partners a cloud computing distribution channel to reach the enterprise. Customers can now benefit from a seamless buying experience for both and partner applications."

"The AppExchange and Checkout gives us the ability to reach thousands of customers," said Philip Loeffel, President of Riptide Software, an innovative provider of on-demand solutions. " is providing us with turnkey distribution services for marketing, selling, invoicing and delivering our products so we can focus on building great applications and making our customers successful. More than ever, is the fastest path to success."

"We needed a SaaS application to help manage our growing executive search business and found Riptide among the recruiting solutions on the AppExchange," said Mike Tognotti, CEO of Raindance Partners, a biotech recruiting/executive search firm. "Being able to test, purchase and deploy Riptide to multiple locations in just a few minutes shows how much has revolutionized the way customers buy enterprise applications. Getting Riptide through Checkout was as easy as buying a song on iTunes." Checkout: Extending the Benefits of Cloud Computing Beyond CRM
More than 40,000 application installs by more than 18,000 customers in 75 countries have taken place already on the AppExchange, demonstrating a high degree of adoption and momentum in extending the benefits of cloud computing beyond CRM to IT departments, HR, financials, order management, ERP and every area of the enterprise. Now, with Checkout, customers and partners can streamline the evaluation and purchasing process, accelerating their success with cloud computing. Checkout is launching as a pilot program with 12 partners and 19 partner applications. These companies have built and delivered applications that run 100 percent natively on the platform and showcase the types and kinds of business applications that can be delivered in the cloud.

Applications now available through Checkout include: productivity tools from Appirio, compensation management from Callidus, financials and accounting ERP from CODA, non-profit constituent relationship management from Convio, fleet management solutions from Datasul, Salesforce CRM administrator tools from DrivEnable, order management ERP solutions from Glovia, a subsidiary of Fujitsu, staffing solutions from Jobscience, mobile expense reporting from Model Metrics, recruiting, real estate, and customer reference tracking from Riptide, stakeholder risk management from StakeWare and financial relationship management from StraightThrough.

"We were able to transform years of product know-how, experience and IP assets into the Order Management application on in just a few months," said Randy Ehler, executive vice president, Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Ltd. "Now we are taking our ERP solution to market with Checkout, saving the cost of building out a separate sales channel. By enabling us to rapidly deliver a cloud computing application and an instant sales and distribution channel, has helped to maintain a laser focus on innovation and customer success." Checkout - Accelerating Customer and Partner Success in the Cloud
Customers are able to purchase participating partner applications directly through Checkout on the AppExchange. Customers will benefit from integrated commerce and interacting with a single vendor for both their and partner subscriptions. Checkout provides customers a single place for ordering, billing, invoicing, provisioning and account management services.

Similarly, Checkout provides a comprehensive set of services to enable developer and partner success on the platform. Applications available through Checkout program run entirely on the platform, and inherit the security, reliability and availability of's proven global infrastructure. will process transactions for and distribute subscription fees to partners. Checkout will help grow the cloud computing economy by driving customer success with partner applications.

For more information on Checkout or how to join the Checkout partner program, please visit: Checkout Availability and How to Order
Partner applications in the Checkout pilot program are now available for order at customers will not be charged additional fees for using Checkout. Checkout services are free for partners until 2010.

Partner applications in Checkout are currently available to customers in the United States in $USD. applications are available through Checkout to all customers worldwide.

Customers who purchase applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

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