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3 Reasons Why AI-Powered Field Service Solutions Could be Game Changers for your Agents

Invest in AI-based Field Service Management solutions to ensure high agent productivity and customer delight.

Field service is a key determinant of how customers evaluate a company for service delivery, agent performance, and experience. According to the Salesforce State of Service report, there is a direct link between field service productivity and performance, and business growth.

The global Field Service Management (FSM) solutions market has experienced remarkable growth, reaching a value of USD 1785.35 million in 2021, and is expected to touch USD 3859.57 million by 2027.

These numbers highlight the importance of field service teams in the operations of industries, spanning from manufacturing, utilities, and energy to communications, professional services, retail, and even life sciences and biotechnology.

To optimise field service and boost agent productivity, businesses need robust strategies that foster proactive and speedy customer service. They must establish processes to collect data, understand customer needs, schedule tasks effectively, while also minimising time spent on administrative tasks.

Here are a few tips to help businesses achieve these objectives.

How to increase the productivity of your field service agents

1. Invest in an AI-powered Field Service Management (FSM) solution

90% of frontline service workers agree that the use of technology and automation allows them to overcome workflow bottlenecks.

An AI-powered FSM solution can help automate and streamline field service processes, by:

  • Optimising schedules and intelligently assigning field service calls to streamline work and increase efficiency
  • Helping agents track performance, schedule visits during work hours, route on-site service calls, monitor customer satisfaction, and so on.
  • Helping track each piece of field equipment, ensuring optimal resource utilisation

2. Equip field service agents with on-the-go connectivity

On-the-go connectivity can unlock unparalleled operational excellence in field service.

Mobile apps, online chat/live support, and video support have seen substantial upticks in adoption.

Mobile apps allow your agents to have instant access to job schedules, real-time inventory updates, and the latest product and service updates that improve their service responses.

This seamless connectivity empowers them to provide faster and smarter service, resulting in improved first-time fix rates and heightened customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the ability to optimise schedules and collaborate remotely ensures efficient resource allocation and enhances overall productivity.

3. Ensure relevant performance measurement parameters

The performance indicators that you focus on will define agents’ priorities while making a field call. For instance, if you say that field visits should be completed in a specific amount of time, your agents may scrimp on giving a satisfying customer experience. Customisable FSM solutions let you use intelligent real-time analytics to set such parameters around customer satisfaction and long-term productivity and track them accurately.

An intelligent FSM solution is the key to greater agent productivity and higher RoI

Nearly 80% of service organisations have adopted process automation, resulting in benefits such as time savings, error reduction, and improved coordination with other departments. For businesses aiming to optimise field service operations, an intelligent, automated FSM solution offers effective streamlining at minimum cost.

Salesforce Field Service leverages AI-powered technology to drive speedy and efficient field service. Here are some of the ways in which it enables impactful field service management, leading to cost efficacy and high RoI:

Offers seamless work order management

Automation enables effortless management of work orders, irrespective of spikes in volume. Managers and team leaders can easily monitor and track data around meeting KPIs and operational performance, address customer complaints, and use insights to make smarter decisions.

Helps in smart scheduling and tracking

Using intelligent scheduling, quickly assign jobs and field service calls to the right resource based on bandwidth, skill, and location. The solution also helps in tracking parts required to complete the job, right down to equipment and fleet.

Provides intelligent analytics

The solution analyses data from multiple sources; managers can identify and predict customer needs and field service work orders before they happen. This allows you to boost field service productivity and operational efficacy.

Enhances first call resolution

Improve first-time fix-rate with tools like Einstein Vision with image sensor technology to accurately identify parts that need to be fixed or replaced. This also helps eliminate confusion and reduces service time. The solution also lists the right steps for technicians, so that they can provide faster, smarter service.

From intelligently scheduling field service agents to assigning work, to having complete visibility into service operations, Salesforce Field Service helps you deliver better service and do more for customers with less.

Learn how service teams around the world are increasing frontline productivity and boosting revenue

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