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Building Better Engagement: Top 5 Use Cases of AI in Marketing

Building Better Engagement: Top 5 Use Cases of AI in Marketing

Using AI in small ways in marketing can create a big impact on customer engagement and personalisation. Read on to learn how.

With inputs from Karthik Krishna Yadav, Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer too new or complex for any business. Among other functions, businesses are using AI in marketing to make customer engagement more targeted, personalised, and relevant. 60% of consumers today are open to the use of AI if it improves their experiences, and an equal percentage of marketers say they have a fully defined AI marketing strategy.

Marketers can use AI to easily gather and analyse massive amounts of data to identify their audiences’ needs and interests deeply; then personalise marketing outreach for not just audience segments but at the individual’s level as well. 

Here are some ways AI in marketing can help improve your outreach efforts:

1. Hyperpersonalise your marketing campaigns

AI-driven marketing tools can help you identify the most and least likely audiences to engage with your campaigns and target them with laser-sharp focus. Based on each audience’s preferences, you can use AI algorithms to recommend the most relevant offers, products, content, dynamic prices, and next best actions.

Deliver connected, personalised, and timely experiences across web, app, email and human channels. You can also create digital ads, marketing campaigns, and websites that are dynamically customised for each audience.

2. Improve your content marketing efforts

Content marketing still needs human creativity. But AI can help improve SEO, allowing marketers to create and deliver more relevant, high-performing content. Scan massive amounts of data on the internet to identify relevant keywords, topics, and conversations. Then, produce SEO-friendly marketing content on topics that both interest your audiences and rank higher on search engines.

Use Natural language Processing (NLP) to identify semantically related keywords and understand the context and intent behind keyword usage. This can also help you gauge audience sentiment around your brand and related topics, and create right-fit content.

3. Perfect your email campaigns

Using AI tools to throw up insights on and align audience behaviour, consumer journey stages, and business objectives, identify the best email send times and frequencies for each audience segment. You can also use NLP to analyse email components for readability, catchiness, and spam triggers. And attach personalised content recommendations to make your emails more relevant.

AI-powered marketing tools can show you email engagement rates and provide richer insights into the factors that affect them. Helping you continuously refine your email marketing campaigns to improve engagement.

4. Get the mix right

Marketing is no longer a guessing game. Performing marketing mix analysis allows you to allocate the right budgets to each brand, product, channel, and audience segment to maximise their ROI. Use AI to run extensive analyses and quickly devise (and optimise) effective strategies based on audience demographics, channel preferences, cost, and past engagement.

5. Improve campaign performance

A/B testing is great, but AI can help you make it better. Test hundreds and thousands of campaign and webpage versions to quickly and accurately zero in on the most suitable ones. And with the application of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, testing gets more intuitive and insightful. You can also enable “self-optimisation”, so your websites and landing pages always look great on any device.

Employ AI in marketing with Einstein for Marketing

As marketing becomes data-driven, businesses will increasingly depend on AI in marketing to reinvent customer engagement. With an in-built AI engine like Salesforce Einstein, Marketing Cloud can help marketers apply analysis and action to rich customer data. And personalise and optimise campaigns at scale.

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