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Celebrate Your Workforce on Labour Day: Top Strategies for Boosting Employee Engagement

Celebrate Labour Day by boosting employee engagement! Learn strategies for improving workplace satisfaction and productivity on this special day.

With inputs from Nipun Sharma, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering, Salesforce

85% of respondents considered a company’s treatment of its employees an influencing factor in their decision to purchase from them. Engaged and motivated employees are the backbone of exceptional customer service and positive customer experiences. Additionally, focusing on workplace employee engagement has helped businesses endure and flourish during challenging economic periods.

Why you should prioritise employee engagement

When employees are strongly aligned with their work environment, they tend to be more motivated and engaged in their everyday job responsibilities. Leading to increased productivity and improved job performance.

When employees feel a deep connection to their jobs, colleagues, and organisations, it creates a thriving and healthy ecosystem. This is reflected in positive interactions with customers across various touchpoints.

Pursuing a common purpose with the organisation and aligned career growth opportunities result in greater satisfaction. This, in turn, motivates employees to give their 100% to organisations for longer periods.

When attrition rates go down, organisations benefit from trained workforce strength. Well-informed talent also contributes to greater innovation.

Lower employee churn rates translate into reduced hiring investments and spends. They also help you save significantly on training programs for new employees.

How companies can leverage tech to boost employee engagement

Look at innovative ways to enhance your employee support systems and drive better engagement by leveraging technology. Here are some practical and effective ways to build a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Automate employee support

  • Automate HR processes and upgrade intranet platforms to offer seamless experiences necessary in a hybrid work environment
  • Invest in low-code platforms that can be updated for fast-changing employee priorities
  • Introduce self-service features for quick problem-solving and productivity improvement

Personalise engagement

  • Get a 360-degree view of the workforce across every employee touchpoint to create one-on-one engagement strategies 
  • Use real-time analytics to get insights into employee behaviour and sentiment. This can inform employee-centric decision-making

Equip the workforce with digital tools

Reinvent the employee experience with Salesforce

  • As we celebrate Labour Day, it’s important to acknowledge the incredible value that all employees bring to the success of any organisation. Providing a superior employee experience is key to creating a motivated and engaged workforce that drives productivity and business growth. 
  • Employee Engagement Solutions from Salesforce Service Cloud help:
  • Personalise employee engagement by streamlining HR service delivery and 360-degree employee views.
  • Empower the workforce to solve problems quickly from anywhere using employee self-service solutions.
  • Improve employee decisions via real-time analytics for proactive and preemptive engagement.
  • Your employees and HR teams collaborate efficiently via mobile tools, communities, and intelligent insights.

Empower your workforce with tools to help them work smarter and faster

Explore Employee Engagement Solutions from Salesforce Service Cloud

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