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Infographic: Enhanced Digital Experiences – The Rise of The Connected Customer

The Rise Of The Connected Customer And Their Need For Great Digital Experiences

Great digital experiences are key to enhanced customer engagement and greater brand loyalty in the post-pandemic era.

What leads to a happy customer? Is it just good-quality products or is there something else to it? Turns out, your customer’s perception of your brand and the service they get is equally vital, and has a significant impact on your sales, marketing and revenue figures.

Companies that prioritise customer experience have a more robust customer base and can outperform their rivals financially. Consider this- 92% of Indian customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services. This means businesses must meet buyers where they are in the customer journey and create an excellent online experience that fulfils their demands and expectations.

So, how can you do this? By first having a clear understanding of the factors that help create a great digital experience. The Fifth Edition of the Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report delves into the digital-first customer’s mindset. The report — based on interactions with 17,000 customers in 29 countries, including in India — outlines the factors that help build a fulfilling digital customer experience.

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Why is it critical to deliver such digital experiences consistently?

Every customer experience in the digital environment has a lasting impact and informs their long-term brand preferences. A consistent and smooth digital customer experience is critical to ensure brand loyalty; 92% of respondents agreed that a positive customer experience led them to make a repeat purchase.

Create digital experiences that drive high customer engagement

The sheer number of methods of digital interaction available to the tech-savvy customer can prove to be a challenge to businesses ill-equipped on the digital front. On the other hand, forward-looking companies see this as an exciting opportunity to differentiate from the competition by offering a delightful experience to customers across multiple digital channels.

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