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What is Email Studio? The World’s Leading Email Marketing Solution

What is Email Studio? The World's Leading Email Marketing Solution

Salesforce Email Studio lets you create seamless email marketing campaigns that deliver intelligent, timely and customised messages at scale.

In a digital-first marketing environment, email marketing continues to remain one of the most effective forms of direct marketing to engage your customers. When deployed using highly powerful email marketing tools, an email marketing strategy enables you to target and personalise communication, so that you can drive better awareness and sales for your products and services.

Salesforce Email Studio is a comprehensive email marketingsolution that helps businesses automate and deploy highly segmented and 1:1 email marketing campaigns.

What is Salesforce Email Studio?

Salesforce Email Studio is a powerful email marketing tool that harnesses the power of data and automation to craft high-value customer relationships. You can leverage Email Studio to automate transactional communication or send personalised messages to target groups. It also enables on-time triggered messages to correspond to customer journey milestones on any digital channel.With Email Studio, you can categorise and target your audience,craft engaging emails, and distribute feature-rich emails confidently — without needing to write a line of code.

Why should you opt for Email Studio?

Email Studio has several unique features that make running sophisticated email marketing campaigns quite simple. All types of marketers were considered when designing Email Studio; it offers users simple tools for creating content, managing subscribers and evaluating campaign performance, as well as more sophisticated features for tech-savvy users. Here is why Email Studio will help you create marketing campaigns that inspire:

1. Email Studio enables you to communicate with and target your audience better

Send all types of emails using Email Studio. By sending timely content through unique and dynamic emails, you can distinguish yourself from businesses that rely solely on dry transactional emails. This helpsyou maintain a 1:1 relationship with clients. Email Studioprovides email marketers with the tools they need to swiftly and effectively develop all types of professional emails (promotional, e-commerce, transactional and triggered).By using world-classtemplates and workflow automation, marketers can save time and respond swiftly to the demands of their subscribers.

Use drag-and-drop segmentation tools to fine-tune your subscriber list and ensure that your messaging is always pertinent. Use these to instantaneously filter millions of profiles and quickly receive counts for sending messages.

Integrate profile data from landing pages and user behaviour to build email campaigns that can target both engaged and unengaged subscribers. You can create rules to display customised content to a subscriber and design multiple, personalised versions of the same content to send to other subscribers within the same group.

2. Email Studio lets you build and run impactful email campaigns

With the help of Content Builder, you can optimise each email component (including preheaders, content, subject lines, image-to-copy ratio, animations etc) to create mobile-friendly and customisable emails. Content Builder is a cross-channel content management solution that gathers material, images, and documents in Email Studio in one place. It includes drag-and-drop tools and carefully designed, best-in-class email templates (basic, empty and themed) for e-commerce, promotions, and newsletters. An intuitive user interface enables you tobuild emails and templates in real-time with an always-present preview. While creating emails, you can change layouts or configure the predefined layouts as per your need, add or restrict the type of content allowed in a content area within the email and even lock a content area to prevent editing.

You can also switch between codes and templates while creating emails. Content Builder utilises content blocks that can be dropped into both template emails or added using AMPscript (a scalable scripting language created specifically for use in Salesforce Marketing Cloud) to HTML Paste emails. This enables you to develop reusable content modules, irrespective of how you create your emails.

Ready to maximise the return on your email marketing investment?

Salesforce Email Studio creates intelligent, personalised email messages at scale.

With Einstein AI integrated into the platform, email marketers can predict the needs of their customers, allowing them to recommend the right product at the right time. These strong, data-driven content recommendations also let you find and connect with the most important audiences.

Email Studio includes Social Forward, which allows you to easily incorporate social media channels into all of your email messages. Social Forward supports direct linking to specific social channels or third-party services. Using this, your recipients can distribute content from the email to their friends, relatives, and followers on social media. Additionally, Social Forward keeps track of any social network clicks from emails and the resulting page views.

Salesforce Email Studio ensures your email marketing campaign delivers on RoI goals by offering you real-time insights on the campaign performance. A/B split testing and critical AI capabilities – such as tracking the performance of emails and subscriber actions, viewing critical KPIs and the number of new subscribers generated with the emails — let you optimise your campaign based on precise segment and profile-wise insights.

The default Tracking Report in Email Studio gathers all the pertinent information and statistics into a user-friendly dashboard that can be downloaded and distributed across your organisation. Additionally, Email Studio has multiple report templates that you can quickly configure or download. You can also schedule reporting calendars to update each report regularly – on a daily or weekly basis or at any other interval.

3. With Email Studio, you can easily automate your messages

Email Studio has multiple automation features that enable you to leverage the benefits of email marketing. For instance, marketing managers can simplyschedule email deliveriesin advance. It makes it possible for marketing managers to create campaigns that target the right audience at the right time. This triggered automation feature lets brands connect to millions of customers 1-to-1, sending customised messages at scale even during peak times.

Automated messages do not translate to a loss of autonomy; you can still review each email before sending to ensure the right content is crafted for every subscriber,and establish guardrails to prevent accidental delivery of test messages.

Discover smarter marketing with Email Studio

For email marketing campaigns to be effective, you mustkeep track of when, if, and how customers react to your messages, and better understand and identify the customers who can be reached for various campaigns and promotions at various lifecycle stages.

With Salesforce Email Studio, you have access to a state-of-the-art email marketing solution that offers the intelligence and automation software you need to create great customer journeys. By eliminating the complexity of email marketing processing, the solution frees up marketing managers’ time to focus on developing, implementing, and overseeing campaigns.

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