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Infographic: Let’s Invest In Our Planet: Sustainability Solutions For Your Business

Discover how technology is revolutionising sustainability efforts for businesses. Learn how they're investing in the planet using cutting-edge tools.

The 2023 theme for Earth Day, ‘Invest In Our Planet’, couldn’t be more appropriate. The world is facing unprecedented challenges due to climate change, and businesses can play a significant role in addressing this issue. Companies must adopt sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprint, preserve natural resources, and empower local communities to make better choices. 

Achieving these goals requires a strategic approach and investment in intelligent tools and technologies. The good news is sustainability can also drive cost savings and increase customer loyalty for your business. 

Here’s a look at some innovative tools and platforms for sustainable development that businesses can invest in to reduce their environmental impact.

[Infographic] Let’s Invest In Our Planet: Sustainability Solutions For your Business

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Need to streamline your sustainability efforts? Opt for a comprehensive digital solution

Most organisations would need to use a combination of these solutions. And while they can help you reduce your overall carbon footprint, keeping track of and measuring the impact of each individual solution or aspect can lead to a piecemeal approach.  

For a comprehensive and streamlined approach towards sustainability, consolidate all your data on a single platform. This helps you: 

  • Get a single source of truth to enable data-driven decision-making
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your sustainability initiatives
  • Identify areas where you can make improvements and reduce your environmental impact
  • Give every stakeholder in the value chain access to the bigger picture, so they can clearly see how their actions and choices impact people, the planet, and profitability

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud: Making sustainable development easy

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is an integrated solution that empowers businesses seeking to achieve carbon neutrality. By leveraging the power of AI and analytics, Net Zero Cloud helps businesses set and achieve sustainability targets. Its capabilities include:

  • Tracking carbon emissions in real-time, efficiently quantifying carbon footprint across Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
  • Aligning supply chains to regulatory and auditing demands
  • Forecasting and minimising risk
  • Streamlined data gathering to accurately assess carbon accounting 

Net Zero Cloud can replace Carbon Footprint calculators and Energy Management Software, and integrate with other applications such as Sustainable Supply Chain Management Platforms. It provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their sustainability initiatives, allowing informed decisions and action on a broader scale.

Also, Net Zero Cloud enables businesses to include net zero goals in business plans and operating models. Net Zero Cloud, has gained gold accreditation from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and will be a part of the organisation’s global network of climate change consultancy partners.

This Earth Day, let’s pledge to invest in our planet and build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Place sustainability at the heart of your business investment decisions

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