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Infographic: Get Sales Automation Right – Insights From MSME Industry Leaders

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Industry leaders provide first-hand knowledge on how MSMEs can design the ideal sales automation strategy to quickly achieve greater efficiency.

India’s 63 million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) play a vital role in strengthening the country’s economy, contributing almost 30% of the nation’s GDP. Industry leaders and market experts agree that automation can make this segment even stronger by making them more competitive and efficient. Recognising this, the Indian government has also put in place several initiatives to assist MSMEs with technological and automation interventions.

If automation and digitisation sound like big projects that require a lot of investment, the good news is that you can start small, automating one critical function at a time. For instance, investing in sales automation can help streamline sales processes, eliminate repetitive, manual tasks, and allow salespersons to focus on actual selling and customer-facing activities that add value. This can also boost RoI and greater efficiency – sales automation helps increase sales productivity by as much as 29%.

Need help figuring out how to get started? Here are some tips and tricks from MSME industry leaders on how to build an effective sales automation strategy.

[Infographic] Get Sales Automation Right: MSME Industry Leaders Share Insider Secrets For details on this infographic, please click here.

Maximising the benefits of sales automation with Salesforce

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