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Infographic: Hit Restart: Roadmap Back-to-Work Successfully Post-Lockdown

Hit Restart: A Roadmap to Reopening Offices Successfully Post-Lockdown

As social media platforms are fast emerging as a huge marketplace, small businesses stand to gain high customer engagement and business growth if they leverage these platforms right. Here are six smart tips for small companies to do so.

India has gradually relaxed lockdown restrictions across the country. Organisations are now eager to restart business and welcome employees back. But given that the pandemic is still here, business owners and senior management must ensure employee and customer safety even as they reopen their facilities.

Need a hand in getting your business back on track the safe way? Salesforce offers for businesses of all sizes, to help you reopen your workplace safely. helps you assess employee readiness, deploy contact tracing, create shift-based employee arrangements, and get a bird’s eye view of critical organisational data to reopen workspaces successfully and safely. All you need to do is sign-up and get started – no installation or learning required.

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