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Are your Marketing Efforts as Green as the Rest of Your Business?

Are your Marketing Efforts as Green as the Rest of Your Business?

Carbon responsible leads to carbon neutrality. Read our blog to find out how marketing teams can contribute to the green switch

As sustainability becomes a prominent topic of conversation everywhere – from board rooms to social media – many companies are striving to make the green switch.Marketing and comms teams play an important role in driving the sustainability narrative throughout your ecosystem. They can take your values and messaging around sustainability to market in creative and authentic ways through well-crafted communication campaigns.

But traditionally, marketing relies heavily on prints and events that may not always be environment-friendly. If they lead the sustainability drive from the front,it is imperative marketers too follow sustainable practices. How can theysteer clear of greenwashing, and relook at their own processes and activities to align these with the company’s sustainability goals?

Aligning marketing and sustainability goals

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As consumers and other stakeholders become more socially conscious and environmentally aware, businesses need to become cognisant of their impact on the environment and the communities in which they operate. Net Zero Cloud gives companies a holistic view of their carbon footprint across Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions so that decision-makers can formulate a climate-action plan based on a single source of truth.

Drawing from these insights, marketers can take action and create inspiring campaigns to prove their sustainability commitment and affect behavioural change across the business ecosystem.

On the journey to Net Zero?

Watch this demo to know more about Net Zero Cloud.

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