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7 Ways in Which Low-Code Development Fast Tracks Digitalisation

7 Ways in Which Low-Code Development Fast Tracks Digitalisation

Low code development platforms are now driving rapid digital transformation. They're arguably the future of software development. This article explains why.

The rising need for rapid digital transformation, and the lack of skilled developer talent to deploy projects at pace, is giving rise to a new phenomenon: a pan-industry demand for low-code development platforms, which help businesses meet their digital transformation goals in a time and cost-efficient manner.

These not only help companies address the pressing need to digitise workflows but alsoincrease the efficiency of commercial and operational teams. How? By equipping the average business user with the ability to create the apps needed to work better, without waiting on the IT department. Low-code platforms help you create customer-facing apps as well as internal ones for employees; these highly customisable apps with popular features deliver the ideal user experience.

As companies look to turn more of their employees into citizen developers, more and more IT leaders and businesses are leveraging the potential of low-code tools. According to Gartner, the use of low-code software development platforms is increasing at a rate of over 20% annually. By 2023, more than 50% of medium-sized to large businesses are expected to implement low-code development platforms.

So why is low-code touted as the future of software development?

7 Reasons Why Low-Code Platforms Are The Future Of Work

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Time is money when it comes to developing apps. A dynamic low-code platform like Salesforce can speed up the app-development process, letting you save on cost, time, and effort. With the help of the Salesforce suite of low-code tools, users can create apps, monitor and manage changes easilyand reimagine business processeswith visual workflows and point-and-click tools.

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