Cosmo Films

Better service and transparency through Salesforce has increased customer confidence and trust, and improved our brand image.”

Jagdip Kumar, CIO

Cosmo Films embraces its digital future with Salesforce

Chances are you have one of Cosmo Film’s products in your pantry right now. One of the largest manufacturers of thermal lamination films in the world and the largest Indian exporter of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), the company provides flexible packagingand labelling films to major global brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsico, Nestlé, and Mars.

With an annual sales turnover of US$249 million in 2015-16, the company is looking forward to positive times.

However, managing a 40 per cent increase in production capacity in recent years has emphasised the need for Cosmo Films to connect to customers in a whole new way.

Finding a better way

Many of the company’s sales and customer service functions were being managed manually via email and spreadsheets. Delays in responding to customer queries and service complaints were eroding customer trust, and management teams were unable to get an accurate view of customer interactions.

Lead management and sales employee performance measurement were also being managed manually, leading to cumbersome and error-prone processes.

“We were growing exponentially and realised that to sell more volume we should have a better system to do so,” explains Jagdip Kumar, CIO, Cosmo Films India.

That better system, says Kumar, is Salesforce. “Salesforce has the best look and feel, and was easy to integrate with our existing apps.”

Rebuilding customer trust through smarter service

Prior to implementing Salesforce, customers and partners emailed or called in to the sales team to manually track their orders and register product enquiries.

Salesforce’s Community Cloud provided a portal that they now use to track orders and upload product enquiries with supporting photographs for faster case resolution.

“As a result, the volume of customer service related calls decreased, which allowed the sales team to focus on more value-added activities,” says Kumar. “Better service and transparency has also increased customer confidence and trust.”

Transforming lead management

With less time spent on manually fielding customer calls and emails, the sales team is better able to focus on developing leads. And this has been further improved by Sales Cloud.

“Without a CRM system in place it was very difficult to understand how many leads we were getting, whether we were properly following up on them, and which verticals they were coming from,” explains Kumar.

The Salesforce Customer Success Platform solved these problems by helping the sales team to easily track, score and manage leads in a centralised system with a formalised sales funnel. And information is easy to manage on the move, with the Salesforce1 mobile app. This, says Kumar, has significantly increased sales revenue.

“With the help of Salesforce we were able to create a transparent sales funnel and better push leads through the process. We won a lot of new customers aided by better efficiency, and the company’s management was very happy to see significant revenue coming out of new leads.”

Supercharging sales productivity

Sales Cloud’s rich performance metrics have also transformed how Kumar and his management team assess the performance of their sales staff.

Before Salesforce, Kumar explains, sales performance was assessed broadly, in monthly or quarterly reviews. Now, Sales Cloud provides smart analytics for a more detailed, daily view – available on any device, anywhere.

“Our sales team is now driven by real-time numbers and everyone knows how they are performing,” he says. “And management no longer has to wait until monthly or quarterly reviews to learn that employees are exceeding, or not tracking to, their sales targets.”

Securing a bright future

As the management team seeks to expand the company’s presence in Japan and Korea, they require a system that is scalable and can incorporate local languages. Salesforce delivers on both fronts.

“We are planning to roll out Salesforce in Japan and Korea in 2018,” says Kumar. “We see Salesforce as a big driver of our future international growth.”


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