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Provide answers faster and deliver smarter customer service across any channel with Service Cloud, the world’s #1 customer support solution.

How can help desk solutions help your business?

Service Cloud’s help desk software allows you to provide multi-channel support, so agents can work more efficiently, resolve issues faster, and offer amazing service. Improving your customer experience will increase customer and agent satisfaction leading to stronger, more sustainable relationships with your customers.

Increase customer and agent satisfaction with Service Cloud’s help desk solution


Get smart about customer support and support requests, so your agents can focus on what matters most.

Our Service Cloud’s help desk software allows you to automate redundant admin tasks and increase agent productivity by 47%, so your team can get back to what they do best — helping customers.

Support customers on any channel, at any time – at scale.

Be there for your customers in their moment of need on the channel they prefer. Have a real-time conversation with a customer via a website’s chat feature, such as live chat, and then build on that conversation with a telephone call. You can also easily close cases faster and automate frequently asked questions with chatbots. Now that’s a solid service that can only be provided with help desk software.

Deliver more efficient and effective customer support.

Our help desk software has an omnichannel routing feature that helps to match cases from any channel automatically – messaging, live chat, social, email, and voice – to the right agent based on skill set and expertise. Streamlining your operations to the right employee will provide the perfect experience for your customer.

Personalise your customer support experience.

Tailor your Service Cloud experience to meet the needs of your team. Configure your own workflows and customise consoles with the ease of drag and drop. Connect with outside systems, such as Dropbox, GetFeedback, and more. Access thousands of plug-and-play apps from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Help desk software is a technology for managing all your customer support teams interactions with customers who have issues that need resolving. The goal is simple: close cases faster to improve customer relationships and satisfaction.
Effective customer support not only fixes the problems of customers, but it helps businesses build a relationship that creates trust, loyalty and customer retention. Since customer loyalty and retention affect a company's revenue, a quality help desk software is vital to your business’ growth strategy.
Salesforce help desk software improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your customer support team. It allows you to automate admin tasks, increase agent productivity, create simple channels to connect with customers with issues and automate frequently asked questions with chatbots. The solution’s automation will help your agents have more time to focus on customers and close cases faster.